Vintage Japanese Car Show at Laguna Gamagori

Laguna Gamagori is a seaside amusement park in Aichi Prefecture. JNC reader Nakazoto went to a vintage car show there recently and snapped a metric buttload of photos. Somehow, a light blue hakosuka looks simultaneously oh so wrong and oh so right. Some of our favorites are below, or you could click here to see the CPU-melting totality of his photos

An eclectic mix of Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Isuzu.

If this car was in the US, there’s be an SR20 or rotary in it, but in Japan you can actually see a bone stock B110 Sunny Coupe.

The diminutive Toyota Sports 800 looks pretty sharp in white. Surprisingly, it’s not that much smaller than a 911. Did you know the Sports 800 was the Japan’s first car with a targa top, before Porsche claimed the style and name?

The Toyota Crown Eight doesn’t need your fancy wheels to look cool when low.

The color of this Toyota Corona goon is original, but if the paint is as well, we are truly astonished.

With or without stripe? Twin B310 Sunnys sedans.

The black stripe on gold makes this 230 Gloria HT look rather muscley.

Colt Galant and Galant GTO representing the triple diamond mafia.

We’ve never seen so many Mazda Carols gathered in one place. Note the uber-cool vintage road rally setup on the green one.

Isuzu twin-cam.

The Bulldog Honda City Turbo II.

Honda’s early kei trucks, the TN360 and T360.

It’s truly amazing to see a 1930s Datsun that is apparently in private hands rather than a museum.

The GT-II race classification may seem out of place on this less-than-racy B10 Sunny, but it’s not much different than what the earliest Japan Grand Prix cars were like.

Compared to its ornate predecessors, a stockish GC10 illustrates where the name “box Skyline” came from.

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12 Responses to Vintage Japanese Car Show at Laguna Gamagori

  1. Andrew says:

    Actually, the Triumph TR4 was the first to have a targa style top, several years before the S800

  2. Nigel says:

    The Sunny sedans are cool and so is that Honda City turbo

  3. Adam says:

    That Honda City Turbo II is totally badass! Imagine that thing stripped out with 200hp and a race suspension WOW!

  4. big O says:

    the gold 230 Gloria looks tough, I didnt know they made those in a 2dr version.

  5. tkmedia says:

    are you sure that’s a S40 crown? I think it looks a bit like a VG10 Crown 8 to me. they look so similar so who knows.

  6. bert says:

    DAMN! Turns out Andrew’s right! What a boob! All this time the Japanese were thought to be copying the Germans, turns out they were really into bangers and mash! Everything I thought I knew is a LIE!

    My Grandpa used to have a Toyota Corona wagon just like the one in the picture, only blue. I wish he had never sold it.

  7. Ben says:

    tkmedia – you’re right, doh is me.

  8. tkmedia says:

    the length of the emblems on the front and the sides are more characteristic of the eight. I had a chance to buy an eight (relatively cheap) in Japan ten years ago from a friends boss who retired and needed the money, I knew nothing about them. I chickened out.. I’m a idiot!

  9. slickwrick says:

    and you didnt take pics of that colt galant?
    please tell me you did!

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