VINTAGE BARRELS: Techno Phantoms reissue

Hayashi Techno Phantom re-release 02

Some good news for fans of old Japanese aftermarket wheels: Hayashi Racing is re-releasing the Techno Phantom wheel. The classic rim, one of many old Japanese designs inspired by ninja stars, is now available to purchase brand new for the first time in decades. 

techno phantom 03

Thus far, the only color announced has been gold. Sizing is similar to other Hayashi re-releases, including the Techno TR-V and “sakura” Yayois. In other words, proper 14-inch in minus offsets and widths ranging from 8.0 to 12.0J.

Hayashi Techno Phantom re-release 01

Unlike some recent re-issues, these are 100 percent made in Japan, still sand-cast by Hayashi. Pricing will run similar to the other re-releases as well, starting a ¥80,000 for an 8.0J to ¥120,000 for a 12.0J ($720 to $1,080 at current exchange rates). If you’re interested, please let us know in the comments below and we can forward your emails to the proper parties.

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43 Responses to VINTAGE BARRELS: Techno Phantoms reissue

  1. jdm only says:

    WOW!!!, hook me up i’m interested

  2. Javier Quiroz says:

    Im very intersted, if they make 4×110 for my rx7 like in the picture

  3. Zzttopals says:

    Instrested please forward info! Is that per wheel or per set. Thanks

  4. Eric says:

    14s the biggest? No 15s?

  5. migueljay says:

    The Sakura’s would be awesome on my Corolla!

  6. Chris says:

    Sooooo interested!

  7. Josh says:

    Need a set dor my 83 corolla 2dr sedan info please

  8. redricer says:

    No 15″ sizes? I’d love to have a 15×10 +25 size.

  9. Now if someone will remake some shadows…. Please!!!!

  10. Chin says:

    do u have pcd 100. 14 x 8. center hole will be 57.1mm.

  11. atx says:

    Too rich for my blood, but glad to see these will be back. Shame there are no good wide 14″ tire choices for street use these days.

  12. Kurt says:

    Interested in 4×110 also.

  13. Banpei says:

    That’s cheaper than they usually sell second hand on Auctions Yahoo! 🙂
    Too bad they don’t produce them in < 8J

  14. Leo Anthony Franco says:

    Please email me details..

  15. zNathan says:

    I’d be interested in some 8J’s.

  16. Warren says:

    Interested in 13×7 neg 7 4×110 for ke25

  17. Amber says:

    Could you let me know price for a set 4×110 11j and 12j? Thanks

  18. Joe says:

    So very interested. Been searching for these for years.

  19. Evan says:

    These rims are freakin nice. I wish you just had them in 15″x8″ with 4×114.3. I cant fit my big brake kit in a 14″ rim 🙁

  20. boyee says:

    Wow so many requests for 4×110 bolt pattern! I am interested as well for my FB!

  21. Steve says:

    Are these re-releases of the same materials, quality, and construction as the originals? I was somewhat disappointed when Enkei re-released their 92 series wheel but went from the welded, two-piece (cast center, spun barrel) wheel to a cast one piece wheel. Fortunately I have a set of originals on my JNC but a spare set would have been nice…

  22. zNathan says:

    For info, Hayashi have put up the sizes & prices on their website. These are all 14 inch & price is per individual wheel:

    ・ 8J-11 4/114.3 ¥ 80,000/1本
    ・ 9J-24 4/114.3 ¥ 90,000/1本
    ・10J-36 4/114.3 ¥100,000/1本
    ・11J-49 4/114.3 ¥110,000/1本
    ・12J-62 4/114.3 ¥120,000/1本

  23. Pedro says:

    4×120 please !

  24. Mike says:

    Interested in
    2 of the 8J-11 4/114.3 ¥ 80,000/1本
    2 of the 10J-36 4/114.3 ¥100,000/1本

  25. Jack Robinson says:

    I’d Be Looking At £2000 For A Set In Sizes I Want. Poor Me 🙁 My Favorite Wheel Of All Time

  26. madis says:

    damn, my favorite wheels

  27. Richard says:


  28. Josh carter says:

    If anyone is interested in have a set of four original techno phantoms I’m thinking about letting go. They were on my corolla a long time ago and they’ve been sitting in my garage for a few years now. They’re posted on the Denver craigslist page.

  29. Option2D33AJspec says:

    Yes, put these back in production but make them 15′ 16′ and 17 inches by 10j or 11j so 16×11 is what i’m looking for in the ballpark with a Open checkbook. Let’s get these made please’ most legendary and King in all Japanese domestic market in the history of JDM enthusiasts.

  30. Jeff says:

    I need this size 15×-15 x8.5 bolt pattern 114 goung in a datsun 510.. Are theae copys or the real deal. If i do a wilwood kit and they come in 14 inch rotors i can probably do a 14 inch wheel

  31. solomon lunger says:

    I am interested for my 86’ Corolla

  32. philip Calata says:

    Is the offer still available? Thank you!

  33. Andrew says:

    Im interested im look for some classic jdm wheels for my 83 fb rx7 4×110

  34. Jeff little says:

    Take my fav wheel of all time I want a set for my 510

  35. Jeff little says:

    These the real deal if so hook me up asap

  36. Ivan Rodriguez says:

    Im interested..

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