VIDEO: Yet more cars (and bikes) from the Honda Collection Hall


Will the Honda Collection Hall ever run out of vehicles to demonstrate? It’s positively amazing that not only do they have the cars, but that they are all kept up in running condition, whether they be motorcycles, cars, or racing machines.

Often we focus on Civics and NSXes, but the company has a hugely impressive range of accomplished competiton veterans. Very few companies can boast a lineup that offers both transportation for the masses and champions in the highest echelons of motorsports. Behold the sons of Soichiro!

1989 Honda MP4/5

NS500 1984

1968 RA301

1967 RC174

1986 Quint Integra

1989 Accord Inspire

1984 Spacy 250 Freeway

1988 VFR750R

1983 XLV750

1981 Squash

1982 VF750 Magna

1963 Benly CB92 Super Sport

1970 Benly CL90

1973 Benly SL125S

1982 CB650 Luxury Custom

1976 Dream CB400 Four Ⅱ

1964 Trail 90 CT200

1981 Civic Country

1984 Civic

1985 Courrèges Tact

1951 Dream D

1952 Dream E

1992 NR

1985 Today

1989 VFR400R

1994 Cabina Stand Up

1983 CB1100R

1985 Accord Aero Deck

1987 AX-1

1991 McLaren Honda MP4/6

1965 RA272

1966 RC166

1960 RC143

1968 RA301

1984 NSR500

1985 NSR500

1995 NSX Le Mans 24 Hours

1965 T360

1979 XL500S

1984 CBX750 Horizon

1998 Gorilla

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9 Responses to VIDEO: Yet more cars (and bikes) from the Honda Collection Hall

  1. SHC says:

    Wow! Love these video’s, such a viseral experience. I’d forgotten how fantastic the RA-301 and the MP4/6 sound. Far different from the current F! cars.

  2. Scotty G says:

    A perfect diversion, thank much, I needed this today. And, of course, I need that Honda Today, today! I’ve never heard of that model, very cool.

  3. Seiko The Neko says:

    The acceleration from that Honda Spacy honestly shocked me, but I guess I should expect that from a 250cc single. This stuff is gold!

  4. Nathan says:

    The race cars and the bikes… Oh, the noise! The noise! What glorious sounds! Thank you Honda for treating cars and bikes for what they are — things that deserve to be driven, for if they are put away as sit-on-a-shelf museum pieces, they cease being cars and bikes and merely become sculptures representing those things.

  5. Roland Fröjd says:

    Outstanding presentations of both cars and bikes, with lovely sound effects from especially the racing versions.
    I have myself some Honda bikes, where the CR93 with it’s incredible ‘voice’ is among the favorites. 🙂

  6. Nigel says:

    Awesome machines…That NSX and that CB1100R ! (Thanks for posting these).

  7. Kevin says:

    This is the best JNC Honda post to date. I can’t believe how many videos! I was like “OK surely the page scrolling will end soon” but it kept going. Thanks for sharing. My favourite would have to be the RA272. It’s like a micro F1 car with some sort of demonic forest creature stuck inside the back of the car, yelling for someone to let it out.

  8. John Moran says:

    Cool to be able to hear them and see them rolling. The sound of the 2-strokes and even the VFR just starting up brings back many memories for me. I used to have an MVX250F, CBR400RR, VFR400R, and XR650R and get a lot of that same feel in these vids.

    Also cool to see a couple new ones for me like the Squash with a “comfort sheet” and font that I think was in an Atari game. Liked the badge on the Dream D, too, but not sure I would want to try to get started on an incline. However, if I were to get one today, the Dream CB400 seems like it would still be able to split lanes during the week and head for the hills on the weekend.

  9. Dave says:

    It’s strange to me to see an Areo Deck in this mix of great JNC’s. I have a ’95 parked on the street outside my house. It’s just my car. I park it where ever. I don’t really think about it’s worthiness as a car. I kick the door closed when I have my hands full. It runs and gets me where ever I want to go. Maybe I’ll reconsider taking it to the wreckers.

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