VIDEO: World’s coolest cop meets Mazda RX-3

Aussie cop Mazda RX-3 pull over

Speeding tickets. It’s like a tax on driving. You never know when you’ll be plucked by laser for the Shirley Jackson lottery. Once in a blue moon, however, you completely luck the eff out and get pulled over by the coolest traffic cop in the world. This is exactly what happened to a young Mazdafarian riding dirty in a heavily modified RX-3 in New Zealand. Watch the unbelievable video below.

Hat tip to Justin P.

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9 Responses to VIDEO: World’s coolest cop meets Mazda RX-3

  1. gypsy says:

    Haha….love the sub titles, I thought they spoke English in NZ.

    Cool car cool cop 🙂

  2. Darryl says:

    Nice to see the police appreciate the work he put into it, rather than bust his balls for it being a touch loud. These kinds of interactions go a long way in public/police relationships. Cheers to the officer.

    Hey! Police agencies in the States! Take notes on this video, and try building relationships with those in your community, and stop looking at your tax paying costituents as a wallet to pull more money out of.

    I hate to be the one to remind you all, but YOU WORK FOR US!

  3. Yobbo says:

    This happened in real life never

  4. Kane says:

    Haha i have seen this before, so good. They love there rotarys in New Zealand.

  5. Dan (not that Dan). says:

    English Cop working in NZ. He gets to drive a V8 all day, British weather is a distant memory and he’s into cars.
    He also gets to be involved in silly, contrived TV scenes on the Motorway.

    To be fair, NZ looks mostly good.

    Win Win.

  6. Kane says:

    Im from NZ and seen this attitude before. Cops are good so long as your car isnt bouncing down the road with over sized wheels and a motor hanging out the bonnet.

  7. Jeff says:

    I’ve had a similar experience here in NZ. Some cops pulled me over in my mx41 cressida as they had no idea what it was and wanted to check it out

  8. Tim says:

    Kudos to the cop for excellent interaction skills, but I do wish the poor kid hadn’t been pulled over in the first place. He didn’t seem to be doing anything wrong. (Unless the exhaust volume was why he was pulled over?)

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