VIDEO: Why must Honda torture us with this horrible tragedy?

Honda is apparently on a quest to make grown car-loving men and women weep like little babies. In its latest ad, titled “You Are the One,” a girl is cruelly separated from a beloved family member, an EF Honda Civic. Get an onion ready though, so you can explain why you’re tearing up while watching a car commercial.

Sure, to the layperson it’s an advert about a family that outgrows their reliable old Civic and trades it in for a CR-V. To the JNC reader, it’s a harrowing tale of a girl whose heartless parents sell her best friend despite years of loyal companionship, probably to someone who’s going to stance it and engulf it in vape smoke. Seriously, if you had a family member who casually tossed aside a mint EF Civic like a worn dishrag, you’d hate them forever. She even fed it ice cream, for goodness’ sake!

Helpfully, Honda has also included a making-of video, so if you need to recover emotionally you can watch it and remind yourself that it was all just pretend.

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34 Responses to VIDEO: Why must Honda torture us with this horrible tragedy?

  1. Chris Tonn says:

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    There is no excuse to let a perfect EF go, especially when the kid will be reaching driving age soon. My oldest daughter (now 11) has pledged to help restore my rusty NA in return for the occasional drive when she’s of age.

    • ioTus says:

      My thoughts exactly! They should have kept it for her first car!!!! She would take such good care of it, it would last her as long as she wanted to keep it.

  2. ioTus says:

    ( ੭ཀ ﹏ʖ ཀ)੭

  3. dcoultis says:

    I shed a tear when I seen this, my first Honda was a 1990 civic dx. I know the feeling………..

  4. Riko-chan says:

    Touching. I hope Honda show this commercial (CM) in Japan. Japanese car commercials are well known for their soap opera type commercials.

  5. Jayrdee says:

    yepp .. totally teared up.

  6. R says:

    Did you notice they had the Civic shed a tear @ 2:00. Sappy.

  7. speedie says:

    They had me at the bandaid. If my kid did that I would never sell the car.

  8. Randy says:

    Not ’til the CAR shed a tear…

    But anyway, yeah – they have effectively a 2-car garage, AND a 2-car driveway, AND on-street parking for guests. CLEARLY they’re doing alright financially, and I doubt they ALL go EVERYWHERE together, so howzabout make it one of the parents’ work car/runaround until the daughter is old enough to take it over?

    Cut the insurance to liability-only, and it’ll cost next to nothing to keep it going. Just need to maintain it.

    Some people…

    • R says:

      Garage? Driveway? Financially? Parents? It’s a COMMERCIAL, it’s all made up!

      • Randy says:

        Well, they ARE giving us the story. It’s the story of the faithful friend that rarely asked for more than an oil change, occasionally some brakes, and a wash. (Better than our exes!)

        Old Yeller, and The Yearling were all made up, too…

        At least HERE (on JNC), we ARE the fans of those… I doubt there’s anybody on here who’d give THAT car up, unless they actually HAD to.

        Great ad company, whoever it is.

        Hell, maybe WE’RE all made up in somebody ELSE’S “commercial!” Ooooooooooh…


        • Randy says:

          BTW – and this is almost sacrilege to me, but: “I doubt there’s anybody on here who’d give THAT car up, unless they actually HAD to,” includes if it’s an A/T. THAT’S sayin’ somethin’.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      I know… they actually made the CAR cry. In a non-forced or cheesy way. What the hell.

  9. Seiko The Neko says:

    I haven’t teared up this much at a Japanese car CM since the Toyota Safety Sense “Loving Eyes” ad. Japanese car manufactures have some seriously good ads.

  10. Brandon Kelley says:

    Agree with all, the tragedy is allowing such a mint EF go to the used car lot after several years of reliability and avoiding theft IN CALIFORNIA! Now, the Civic will hit the lots for a few grand, get sold off to some teenager that will drop APC racing seats and leave it smashed on a curb after trying to get a manifold warning while live chatting with his bros.

    In seriousness, the ad was a good watch. Mark my words, we will not be able to have such an add 20 years from now about current models unless manufacturers start injecting passion for driving.

  11. Iwakuni91 says:

    How freaking sad! But you want to know what’s sadder? This commercial was better than Batman v. Superman, the entire Black Sails series, and Independence Day: Resurgence put together. Freaking Honda (sniffle).

  12. XRaider says:

    We owned an EF since 2002(as a second-hand)and it still running and some people passing by thought that our car is for sale as they say, but we told them:OUR. CAR. IS. NOT. FOR. F***ING. SALE!!!(In a respectful manner and not the one I wrote)and really? why these people ask that question if there’s no signage “FOR SALE” these people whose after our Civic EF needs to stop asking the same damn question…..otherwise we might have a restraining order whoever asks the question….(JK but seriously No signage “FOR SALE”, Not for sale)

  13. Joe Musashi says:

    Damn, Honda. That was good.

  14. Scotty G says:

    Stupid onions.

  15. Jim Daniels says:

    The story of my family except at the second child we purchased a Toyota Sennia XLE limited all wheel drive (live in snow country, Honda does not make an AWD van) and in 2016 we purchased a 2016 Pilot AWD Touring in white.The Civic has been gone for years now.

  16. Gianni says:

    I think the saddest part is that her parents bought a CRV.

  17. J.A.C.K says:

    lie down. try not to cry. cry a lot.

    why you do this to me, JNC!?!

  18. Arlene says:

    My husband n I bought a 1990 Acura Integra for my son’s HS graduation. Twelve yrs later, being a family man, he needed a 4 dr family car. He passed car along to his older brother. He kept it in greT shape. Unfortunately, my older son was involved in a car accident n car; not his fault. Car was totaled. I cried because I bought that car for my baby boy. Yes it was very sentimental to me n my youngest son. It was a beautiful car, well maintained

  19. Ken says:

    “it’s a harrowing tale of a girl whose heartless parents sell her best friend despite years of loyal companionship, probably to someone who’s going to stance it and engulf it in vape smoke.” LMAO

  20. Cho says:

    Watch this video. See why this car is still important. The real truth about a little legend.

  21. Cho says:

    Sorry wrong video. You Tube is bad with links sometimes.

  22. Cho says:

    Sorry wrong video. You Tube is bad with links sometimes.

    please follow link or HMU IG ronincho_jnc. Sorry about mix up. Wish I could edit the other out.

  23. pete240z says:

    Recently I was talking to the internet car salesman and I told them to drive the new car to my work so I can see it – I mentioned; isn’t this the new way of selling cars? They said no but what is the delivery thing in this commercial?

  24. Chris says:

    Well that was a tug at the hearstrings… and hits pretty close to home for me. Instead of an EF Civic, mine was/is an 88 VZV21 Camry. One of the perks of living in a small town is things are easier to keep track of. A retired lady bought it when my folks traded it, so 9 years later she had only driven it about 11,000 miles. I would see it from time to time and once I gave her my number and told her if she EVER wanted to sell it, i had to have it. It is sitting in my garage now and at 29 years old this month still has less than 90,000 miles on it.

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