VIDEO: Watch Adam Carolla hillclimb Paul Newman’s 300ZX

The Drive just concluded their video series following Adam Carolla’s journey to England as he enters his freshly restored, ex-Paul Newman Nissan 300ZX in the Goodwood Festival of Speed‘s hillclimb. Restored in the UK (a proper British restoration, not one of those Yank jobs, as Carolla is repeatedly reminded), Adam sees it for the first time right before he has to blast its 600-horse tube-frame up Goodwood’s 1.16-mile course. Though he owns its sister car already, this is the one Paul Newman actually owned, so it might be worth quite a bit more, depending on who’s asking. And it’s a lot harder than it looks from the spectators’ stands, especially when it starts raining.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: Watch Adam Carolla hillclimb Paul Newman’s 300ZX

  1. Nigel says:

    Very cool to see this car on the tarmac again !

  2. SHC says:

    I would rather have seen the Porsche 917/30 run or even the ex-Bob Tullius Group 44 Jag which was seen for a brief second in the last video. Hey Adam, when you spend all that money getting a race car ready for Goodwood, don’t forget to include rain tires. Just in case.

  3. Yoda says:

    You’d think Adam Carolla would be more of a Toyota fan…

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