VIDEO: Watch a bunch of Skylines ripping along Japan’s expressways


There’s nothing like watching vintage Skylines in action on Japan’s expressways, especially when one of them is a replica of the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show kenmeri race car. 

Even if slammed Skylines aren’t your bag, it’s worth a minute sixteen of your life to marvel at just how glass-smooth Japan’s roads are.


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8 Responses to VIDEO: Watch a bunch of Skylines ripping along Japan’s expressways

  1. Nigel says:

    Thank You Ben, the four door gold C10 is awesome !!

  2. Car Nut Seattle says:

    Awesome videos! My favourite Nissan Skylines are the Hakosuka C10, and the “Kenmeri” C110 Skylines. They’re perhaps the best looking cars offered by Nissan. I don’t know why Nissan never offered Skylines in the USA. The Nissan Fairlady Z cars were awesome cars, but I’ve always found the Skylines more practical, with the choice of two door, four door, and station wagon body styles.

  3. Ebriones says:

    Good stuff, thanks!

  4. Dimitry says:

    This filmmaker always makes nice “Nostalgic” era show and rolling videos. I really recommend subscribing to him, I’ve spent countless hours last summer watching his stuff!

  5. Mark Newton-John says:

    I was always disappointed back then that Toyota ignored the high performance sedans, at least in the US. While Datsun (Nissan) had the 510 (Bluebird) and 240Z (Fairlady Z), there was no way that a Corona could compete. Sure, there were DOHC Corollas and Celica’s, but Skyllines, and afore mentioned cars were certainly more sporting. And none of those made it to North America.

  6. Mark Newton-John says:

    The ain reason why Skylines and other high performance cars never made it to the US is because no one would have bought them. They would have been expensive and the perception at the time of a performance Japanese car was not good. Look at the Toyota Crown and Mark II. Gone in the early 70’s. The Datsun 610 and 710s were poor sellers, too. And the Mazda RX-4, not even a blip on the sales radar.
    People bought cheap ass Camaros and Firebirds, they would have passed on Skylines.

  7. Sedanlover says:

    This video has been removed by the user… 🙁

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