VIDEO: Walk through Toyota history with this new Crown ad

Not content to update a mainstay of Japanese culture with the debut of the new Century last week, Toyota has now unveiled a redesigned version of Japan’s second-most time-honored model, the Crown. The fifteenth generation goes on sale today, marking an unbroken lineage of Toyota sedans that dates back to 1955. To market the all-new Crown, Toyota has released a commercial that follows the company’s entire history. 

The ad follows a man walking through the desert, passing iconic Toyota products beginning with the Toyoda automatic loom, the textile weaving machine that kicked off the Aichi empire. He then passes an S30 Crown, E10 Corolla, FJ40 Land Cruiser, 2000GT,  an AE86, Prius, and even the new Gazoo Super Sport Concept. The only anomaly is the A20 Celica, whose hideous rims are a complete anachronism. It was an unfortunate choice, because it breaks the building of emotion that unfolds throughout the ad.

As one of the most important models in Toyota’s portfolio, the marketing team is taking many angles with the Crown other than its long history. Another ad shows the car during testing, first in snowy climates and with company CEO and race car driver Akio Toyoda testing the car and then at the Nürburgring, where performance testing took place.

There’s even an extended video in which chief engineer Akira Akiyama and newly minted Le Mans winner Kazuki Nakajima drive the car at what is a most incredible seaside test track. Both the 2.0-liter turbo four and 3.5-liter V6 hybrid versions are tested, though it’s all in Japanese.

Another ad shows off the Crown’s connected technologies, including roadside emergency and concierge operators, real-time traffic navigation, and the ability to check your oil by smartphone, while yet another details the Crown’s upholstery and another simply shows a guy texting.

The launch of a new Crown is a big deal. Whereas the Century was quietly released, if you’re in Japan today you probably won’t be able to miss the new Crown even if you try.

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11 Responses to VIDEO: Walk through Toyota history with this new Crown ad

  1. gaijinshogun says:

    The Crown is the heart of Toyota.

  2. Edward Clark says:

    There are three engines being offered: 2.0 turbo (4 cyl), 2.5 Mild Hybrid (4 cyl), and 3.5 Hybrid (V6).

    • XRaider says:

      the 3.5 v6 has 10-speed auto

      • Nathan says:

        I hate to be “that guy” but it’s not a 10-speed auto, although it can mimic it. It’s an automatic gearbox on the back end of a CVT, Toyota’s Multi Stage Hybrid system. As far as I’m aware, Toyota is the only company currently making something with this design, which allows, among other things, the hybrid system to be useful at much higher speeds than a “standard” hybrid.

  3. steeko says:

    And us usual, probably only sold in Japan or very few other markets.

    Toyota has this and yet sells us the front wheel drive Camry in Australia.

  4. Mark Newton-John says:

    We’re lucky to have two dealers in SoCal that are classic Toyotas, Crown Toyota and Corona Toyota.
    Sorry, they do not have a Corona or a Crown in their showrooms.

  5. Mark Newton-John says:

    You wonder if peopke in Japan want to bring in a Tundra or an Avalon, which are not sold there.

    • Hashiriya86 says:

      They do. Mostly Tundras, it seems. There’s even a used car dealership here that has a bunch. I wouldn’t want to drive one here, though. They’d take up most of the road if you’re not on a main thoroughfare. I’ve only ever seen one Avalon, and the plates suggested they were from out of town.

  6. Legacy-san says:

    If Toyota has introduced a new Crown, you can bet Nissan is about to release an all new Fuga and extended length Cima.

    Count on it.

  7. sedanlover says:

    I just love that the Crown lineage is still alive and strong. Loving the updated logo and the sharp and simple lettering for the logotype.

    A few things I must mention after watching the test track video with the chief engineer and Le Mans driver:
    1. That race track looks so bloody peaceful! Where is this? You could really get into zen mode there. A few hours racing around the track, then stop for lunch and meditate while staring out to sea. Heaven.
    2. The driver is testing these cars and it’s great that Toyota wants to show that the new Crown can be driven like this, but in reality, will they ever be driven like this? I guess they are trying to break the mold of big and slow land yacht…
    3. This 2.0L Turbo 4 cylinder needs to be fitted to the 86. Like now!
    4. Is it just me or does this new Crown look like a liftback from some angles? Reduced boot size to make it more sporty…?
    5. I can’t help but see major styling cues from the 40 Series Camry (Australian model) in the headlights and tail end. Did anyone else notice this?
    6. Pity this isn’t a global model. Seeing how Australia is now importing the Camry (as all local vehicle manufacturing plants have now closed) TMCA should just import the Crown now too. Would be great to really stick it to the Falcon & Commodore diehards who no longer have RWD sedans available haha. It would be awesome to see the new Crown compete in the upcoming Supercars championship too. Bit of a shame that Toyota doesn’t exhaust more aspects of motorsport. I know they do a lot elsewhere, but there is a mass appeal with Supercars. Toyota says they want their cars to be fun to drive. Mazda keeps reliving their racing history and Nissan Motorsport just plonks a Patrol 5.6L V8 into an Altima and races it…

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