VIDEO: UNUSUAL DRIFT! Sideways and Stoppies with Kei Trucks

kei truck drift

Okay, so there’s nothing nostalgic about a Suzuki Carry. However, we fully approve of modifying your company kei truck with a Suzuki Every turbo, a Cappuccino rear end, and a Silvia(!) coilover setup for the express purposes of drifting said company truck. It’s undiluted sunshine glee.

But! Is it as much fun as one-box endos? Thankfully D1 driver Ken Nomura and Drift Tengoku editor-in-chief Ryusuke Kawasaki are here to answer those pressing questions in a hilariously titled segment called “Unusual Drift!” It’s probably a good thing that kei trucks are illegal here.

[via Jalopnik]

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11 Responses to VIDEO: UNUSUAL DRIFT! Sideways and Stoppies with Kei Trucks

  1. acbpanda says:

    They both can take abuse to the tires, jeez!

  2. angelo says:

    i already watched the vid a few months back… and i really find the kei-tora’s setup really cool, i mean, who would’ve thought that was possible right?

  3. IRZhii says:

    too cool man…

    one thing they need to do is to put a couple of skis (or roller blade things) on the front bumper to get a bit more sliding.

  4. j3wman says:

    Those are the worst subtitles ever lol im more interested about that s130 in the background

  5. cesariojpn says:

    “It’s probably a good thing that kei trucks are illegal here.”

    I’ve seen some registered here and there. Catalina Island has (had?), some of the National Parks have a few, and I saw a whole fleet of the kei vans being sold off as surplus from Barking Sands Missile Range on Kauai a few years back.

    • Tyler says:

      But are they legal for road use? Freeway use if the need arose?

      • ldsdonuts says:

        Generally kei trucks are not legal for highway use. You can get them registered as farm vehicles in many states but you’re not technically allowed to go over 55mph or on the freeways.

  6. Fisheye says:

    EXCITED! LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLE. Lmao worst translations ever!

  7. Jesse Risk says:

    the translations make this x94553 more excitings!

  8. Louis Fong says:

    the perfect tofu delivery truck! ;D

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