VIDEO: Two F1 drivers in a Honda S800

Mobil 1 Endless Road Trip

In a series of new ads by Mobil 1, McLaren-Honda Formula One drivers Jensen Button and Fernando Alonso take a road trip across the world. Though the banter is groan-inducing, the good thing is that the pair takes the trip in a Honda S800. 

Of course, the entire series takes place in front of a green screen, but the to actually do sit in a real Honda S800 fitted with UK aftermarket 13×5.5 Apollo wheels. The last time Button appeared in an ad with a Honda S800, however, he drove it for real. You can also watch outtakes from the ads below.

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4 Responses to VIDEO: Two F1 drivers in a Honda S800

  1. SHC says:

    Cheesy comes to mind regarding these spots, too bad they couldn’t include the S800 exhaust note in at least one video. Great looking example of the S800 by the way.

  2. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I like watching these guys over the cannibalism taking shape at Mercedes F1. It’s about the only place there’s any fun left in F1. Despite the Bernie Circus and the Hamilton-Rosberg Shark Tank, it makes me root for these guys.

    P.S. Button for Top Gear!

  3. Seiko The Neko says:

    Button sounds and looks an awful lot like Chris from B Is For Build when they’re doing the whole “American” thing. haha!

  4. Tony Lowe says:

    Hi – the S800 is actually my car!
    Are there any active links to the videos featuring the car? Would be good to see them again.

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