VIDEO: Toyota Supra and Nissan GT-R50 make their debuts at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is happening in England right now, and there’s a couple of neo-nostalgics headed up the hill. Here’s the first running footage for the A90 Toyota Supra and the Nissan GT-R50

The 1.16-mile hillclimb up Lord March’s vast front lawn has become a showcase for not only performance and racing machines of all vintages and kinds, but an opportunity for automakers to show off their latest prototypes.

The new Supra was unveiled in Gazoo Racing form in March at the Geneva Motor Show,  but this is the first official public viewing of the production car. Unfortunately, it’s still under camouflage, which means it looks exactly like hundreds of spy photos easily googleable across the web.

Still, it has a healthy sounding exhaust note, thanks to what is presumed to be a BMW inline-six. Though it was co-developed with BMW and shares a platform with the next Z4, Toyota has assured fans that the Supra will drive differently and feel more like a pure sports car while the Z4 will remain a luxury roadster.

Toyota’s long-time rival Nissan is showing the recently unveiled GT-R50, created to celebrate the Hakosuka GT-R’s 50th anniversary in 2019. Tuned to 710 horsepower with upgraded brakes and suspension and reskinned both inside and out, the prototype was built at famed carrozzeria Italdesign, itself in the midst of a 50 year anniversary.

Incredibly, Nissan says it will actually build this car. Production will be limited to only 50 units, and cost a whopping $1.06 million each. At that price, each one better be hand-built by Italian hand models and those accents made of real gold.

Anyway, because these are expensive prototypes neither automaker really gooses it up the hill. You can see more Festival of Speed footage on YouTube, including a live stream. Which would you rather have in your garage?

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4 Responses to VIDEO: Toyota Supra and Nissan GT-R50 make their debuts at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

  1. Toyotageek says:

    “Which would you rather have in your garage?”

    Grumpy-geek says neither.

    Grumpy-geek says give us something for the common man, not the rich-boys only club.

    But Grumpy-geek does like them anyway.

    • Yuri says:

      86/BRZ/Miata/WRX/370Z(I actually forgot the Z is still being sold). 😉
      Now is a good time for affordable fun cars from Japanese manufacturers.
      It’s really cool to see the halo cars making a return now too.

      I might be tempted by a kouki Supra down the road. I am a bit weird in that I would prefer my Japanese cars to be built in Japan (and German cars in Germany, etc) though.

  2. Jayrdee says:

    It always gets me pumped when I see articles and videos of the new Supra. Will lit live up to its predecessor, the mk4? Probably not, but regardless its about time Toyota started making cool cars again

    • Nobutada says:

      “Will lit live up to its predecessor, the mk4? Probably not”

      On what basis ? It’s funny how people nowadays forget that the A80 Supra wasn’t that great back in the days. Of course it had an absolute marvel of an engine, that could take massive amount of horsepower, but in terms of driving, it was heavy, felt bloated and was much more at ease on straight lines than on spirited drives or racetracks. Of course it was a GT and not a canyon carving machine, but there was nothing really sensational in it, especially compared to the NSX, FD RX7, or even Z32 (I had the chance to own each one in stock form). It’s reputation largely came from tuners like Top Secret and Veilside, and sadly, from the awful Fast and Furious movies. I really encourage anybody to drive those cars in stock form instead of watching youtube videos.

      The A90 looks promising. 340hp with 1’500kg seems nice, especially considering the good work Tetsuya Tada’s team already achieved with the GT86. The Supra may at last be a good driving machine. Fingers crossed.

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