VIDEO: Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s warehouse

TMG Toyota Celicas

Located beneath a wind tunnel at Toyota Motorposrt GmbH in Koln, Germany is a warehouse of cars worth far more than their weight in gold. From a WRC Celica GT-4 in Castrol livery to the sole GT-One road car, it’s a Gran Turismo player’s dream garage.

TMG Toyota GT-One road car

TMG began as a small rallying outfit in the 1970s with cars like the 2TG-powered TE27 Corollas and TA22 Celicas (which they pronounce Chellyca) built for dirt roads and campaigned by Ove Andersson Motorsport. Sadly, many of the early cars are “missing,” with some in private hands.

TMG Group S Toyota MR2

Eventually it would become Toyota Team Europe and expand to Le Mans, Formula 1 and insane concept road cars. There’s a Lexus LS with an IS F motor capable of 650-800hp, a Porsche-killing iQ, and a 1000hp Group S AW11 MR2 prototype that sadly never saw competition due to a FIA rule change. Tie your jaw to your face and watch the video produced by XCar below.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s warehouse

  1. xs10shl says:

    Drool. Yet further proof that life is unfair . . .

  2. Alvin says:

    I wonder if he had a role in the rally Celica cheating scandal with the floppy air intake…

  3. atx says:

    Great video, i could watch an hour of that same place.

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