VIDEO: Toyota Australia shows some love to Celica fans


Continuing on the theme of how Toyota has much better advertising everywhere else in the world, Toyota Australia recently put together a video of A20 Celica owners down under. Selected from the Toymods forum, the owners show their admiration for not only the Daruma, but the sense of community they’ve built with their shared love for one of Toyota’s most iconic designs. 

While the name “Celica Bromance” is a bit hokey, it’s a great video that shows what a tight-knit community of J-tin enthusiasts is really like. We could totally see ourselves hanging out with these guys if it wasn’t for the whole other side of the world thing. The video may not be available in your country, but if the embedding above doesn’t work you can view it on Facebook.

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6 Responses to VIDEO: Toyota Australia shows some love to Celica fans

  1. a voytko says:

    Not available in my country! WTF boo youtube, boo

  2. Toyota Austria conquers the USA for the grand price of the worst advertising of all times. Toyota-sales-figures are dropping massively, so I think we are worse than you! 😉

  3. Socarboy says:

    Was there music associated with that video. If so that is most likely the culprit. This is something I’ve learned about copyright policies regarding YouTube video uploads. I’ve faced this personally in the time lapse road videos I’ve done using 3rd party content (music) which dictates whether or not your video is able to viewed in your location. Regarding music copyright protocols Germany has by far the strictest standards.

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