VIDEO: Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show, 1954-2013

Toyota Tokyo Motor Show 1970

In honor of the recent Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota has released a video showing a year-by-year review of every display it’s had since the show’s inception. Travel through time to see Crowns, Coronas, 2000GTs, Corollas, Celicas, and even more Crowns! Watch the video after the jump.


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3 Responses to VIDEO: Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show, 1954-2013

  1. Sedanlover says:

    This makes me very happy. Really want to buy an old Crown now!

    But as I watch this video, it’s just turned into a image showcase of all their concept cars… Sure the 50’s through to the 80’s had images from actual Tokyo Motor Shows, but after that…. (yawn).

    Still, thanks Ben for keeping the Toyota posts coming in strong!

  2. ya_boy_yeti says:

    I saw the Scion Im at longo toyota a while back, unfortunately they dont sell concept cars…

  3. Scotty G says:

    That was a fun little tour, thanks for posting that. I’ll have to check to see if Subaru has a similar video.

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