VIDEO: Toyota 2000GT drift!

Toyota 2000GT drift

So you have the most badass — and expensive — Japanese classic ever built. Why not take it to the track and mash on the pedals like they’ve got spiders pouring out of them? It’s exactly what one Japanese driver did with his then-not-quite-million-dollar Thunder Silver super-nostalgic, executing a couple of really nice slides in the process. This should slake the rabid cries from the “It’s meant to be driven!!!11!” crowd for about six minutes. 

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12 Responses to VIDEO: Toyota 2000GT drift!

  1. Nigella says:

    the driver must’ve had a sapporo splurge

  2. Jason Yamasaki says:

    Like a boss.

  3. Benjamin says:

    “It’s meant to be driven!!!11!” And this 2000GT goes to eleven.

  4. Aaron says:

    Proof that the 2000GT is an amazing vehicle… it makes watching gymkhana bearable!

  5. Mister Totem says:

    This dude is the father to 40 illegitimate kids in the Nagoya area.. lol.

    homie was asked about this video years later.. and was told “that car is worth a lot of money now!”

    and he said..

    “I would give a fuck about that… but I gave the last one I have to your grandmother last night.”



  6. Ryan Senensky says:

    thats the most 90s soundtrack ever

  7. Walter says:

    The video is clearly shot in the early 90s. Back then the price of a Toyota 2000GT was pretty low. Only things started to get crazy after 2006 when someone was willing to pay $210,000 for an old Japanese performance car…

  8. Power Tryp says:

    I’m kind of shocked at myself. This is the first time that I’ve thought that a classic car needs more low.

    Also would you just run motorcycle tires on a rim that skinny these days?

  9. Dandy says:

    All these crazy camera angles made me feel like I was watching Japanese Bullitt! I couldn’t imagine slamming in a car that rare with out ABS!

  10. eric says:

    Million dollar baby

  11. Jason Yamasaki says:

    I heard for breakfast every morning he has Bald Eagle eggs over medium, and snacks on albino tiger jerky.

    Why… because racecar.

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