VIDEO: This stunning Mazda collection goes beyond rotaries

When you hear Mazda collector, typically that means a fleet of rotaries or Miatas. Danny Irvine has one of the most impressive Mazda collections around, precisely because it goes beyond RX-7s and Cosmos. In fact, his stable includes everything from K360 and T2000 3-wheeled trucks to Carols to Familias. 

It all started 26 years ago with Danny’s first-generation 626. It was on that 626 that he learned how to modify cars, swapping a rotary engine into the RWD sedan. His collection of Hiroshima steel has grown substantially since then, and now he’s been featured on Mazda Australia’s Kizuna Stories video series. Take a look at the clip and marvel at a Mazda collection that we’d kill to have.

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6 Responses to VIDEO: This stunning Mazda collection goes beyond rotaries

  1. Jack says:

    Yet no Mk2 GC 626 🙁

  2. Mike in Long Beach says:

    Loved my Mk1 626 CB.It was a huge upgrade from the GLC I had before that. Wish I had known you could swap in a rotary. Bet that made for one fun sedan.

  3. Ant says:

    Some neat cars there but particularly jealous of the pair of early Cosmos. After driving one recently it’s shot right to the top of my when-I’m-rich must-buy list.

  4. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I love that he appreciates, and has under his roof, a bunch of the three wheeled trucks. A part of the childhood landscape of us in the Showa generation. I like that blue so much, I repainted one of my vehicles that color.

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