VIDEO: This is what a carbed Mitsubishi 2.6 sounds like

1974 Mitsubishi Colt Galant GT Targa Tasmania

Mitsubishi‘s Astron 2.6-liter was one of the largest inline-fours motors available at the time of its production. It came in Fire Arrows, Sapporos, and even the Chrysler LeBaron, but in the case of this swapped 1974 Colt Galant GT, it is pure aural bliss. Watch it tear up a Targa Tasmania stage in the video below. 

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21 Responses to VIDEO: This is what a carbed Mitsubishi 2.6 sounds like

  1. xs10shl says:

    Great sounding car! It’s also nice to know there’s at least one suburb somewhere in this world that will rope off the street for something other than a block party.

    • pstar says:

      Oh, other people’s hobbies get catered to all the time and the streets closed off for them. Walkers, runners, bicyclists, parades for sports, parades for high school bands, parades for attention whores who want to show how proud they are about being what they are.

      But how dare somebody suggest that the roads be closed for a weekend for a hobby that involves WHAT ROADS WERE ACTUALLY MADE FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      • blue72 says:

        What roads were actually made for in the first place? You mean foot traffic and horses? Or are you talking about the fact that good, smooth roads were first made for and lobbied for by bicyclists? No? Oh, you’re thinking that roads were made for cars. Ah, yes, common mistake.

        • pstar says:

          Yeah, all the roads across the mountains of Western North America, Hawaii, and the asphalt roads of Japan were all made for bicycles.

          I’m not talking about “roads” as a concept, I am talking about the ACTUAL millions of miles of paved asphalt across the globe. Which weren’t made for horses and bicycles, you pedantic, dishonest, buffoon.

  2. Serg says:

    Targa is amazing – if you have a few hours spare you can scare yourself silly watching the GTRs and Evos fly through forrests, some really beautiful roads.

  3. Coltspeed says:

    Yeah props to Tasmanians for their lack of Nimbyism

  4. John M says:

    Always enjoy posts with sound! Some great angles. Don’t know much about that list of cars, but like the names, especially Fire Arrow!

  5. JHMAB2 says:

    Why did we move onto fuel injection again?

  6. Tj. says:

    JNCs are reasonably common in Targa Tasmania, some of them finish pretty high up the order too.

  7. Drew-ski says:

    That was the crank in that engine that was used with a lot of machining in some of the earliest Carboy magazines Modification to the Toyota 18rg. Read this in the 1981 Magazine. But the original engine in this car brings back memories. Nice song, great footage.

  8. MainstreaM says:

    Sounds good for a tractor engine. (as we lovingly call them in the Starquest realm)

  9. Kane says:

    That sounds so cool !!!!

  10. 02Anders says:

    Lovely snarl on the overrun… 😀

  11. 20B Sigma says:

    Awesome car, amazing event, wonderful engine! It’s the very same engine I have in my 1978 Sigma SE sedan, but mine runs a huge Weber 34ADM carby off a 4.1 litre (250ci) Ford Falcon and has a very worked head and bottom end, but with a stock exhaust so it surprises people at the traffic lights.

    I would love it if you guys made a feature on my car for this website! There are a few videos of my car on my Youtube channel dedicated to old Galants ( and tons of photos of my car including build progress on my website also dedicated to old Galants:

  12. eric p says:

    Wow, looks like fun. Would love to do this in my car.

  13. Nath76LA says:

    I was at Targa 2014 and followed this Galant around Tassie. The 4g54 in it was pretty well much stock standard with a set of twin carbs thrown on it only putting out about 85kw but it quick enough to be only a second slower than a Audi R8 V10 on one of the stages which was soaking wet. Quite impressive.

  14. Alastair says:

    Love it! Complete and utter Mitso/Chrysler joy!!

  15. Daniel Mckenzie says:

    Glad you enjoyed my Galant. It now has a 4G64 twin cam turbo with 450hp at the Tyres. I’ll send photos if interested.

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