VIDEO: The UK’s most famous Honda Civic restorer

Honda Heritage Civic restorer

“Mad about Honda” is the way one UK man describes his love for the early Civics, so much so that he’s built an entire community around the preservation of early UK-market examples. 

Alan Faggetter only purchased his first Honda “six or seven years ago with the intent of reselling it,” but the act of working on it helped him fall in love with it. Now he has four Civics, an S800, and has become a key figure in the UK classic Honda community helping many others restore their early Hondas. We dare say an early Civic could very well be the perfect JNC for Britain’s narrow and winding roads.

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6 Responses to VIDEO: The UK’s most famous Honda Civic restorer

  1. Mercilessmings says:

    Yeah, but does he have a cat? Also, that whole “water cooled” thing…..never going to catch on.?

  2. Big Jim the finger says:

    He puts a cover over a stripped car?

  3. Car Nut Seattle says:

    Awesome video! My favourite Honda Civic generations have always been the first generation, like that in the video, and the second generation Civic.

  4. SHC says:

    Yea, but does he have Civic serial number 1? Interesting that Honda has a similar following in Britain as we do in the States.

  5. James Kennedy says:

    Go Skinny! Putting West Norwood on the map!

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