VIDEO: The traffic to Tokyo Disneyland in 1985 was JNC heaven

Were you lucky enough to have a four-day Independence Day weekend? In Japan, one of the biggest tourism holidays is Golden Week, which takes place in the spring. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is a home video of what seems like all of Tokyo trying to go to Disneyland on the same day during Golden Week 1985. Tokyo Disneyland was only two years old back then, and the traffic jams were an asphalt sea of JNCs. 


Crowns, Caravans, Carinas, Citys, Celicas, Cedrics, Soarers, and more. The flow of families heading towards Urayasu in brand new Nihon steel was unrelenting. If we were there, we’d probably have more fun drooling over the cars in the parking lot than in the theme park itself. Can you spot any models we didn’t name?

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3 Responses to VIDEO: The traffic to Tokyo Disneyland in 1985 was JNC heaven

  1. I was over in Golden Week this year and definitely wouldn’t recommend it haha, traffic is soo bad! Sweet video though

  2. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I go to Tokyo for work a few times a month. Normally, the ride from Narita Airport takes 55 minutes on a good day. On Golden Week or a bad day, you’ll approach Disneyland and it turns into a parking lot for up to a 3 hour ride total or even more. If you’re in a Hire, most drivers have a hotspot for your laptop to pass the time away. Narita opened in 1978, 7 years prior.

    Moral of the story; fly into Haneda Airport (Downtown) or take the train. On a Sunday you’ll be treated to some cool cars and occasional Bosozoku though. My best memory of the 80’s is seeing an MR2 before they showed up in the states. That and a whole lot more car magazines to drool over.

  3. emeQee says:

    The Soarer is a CCCCCombo breaker!

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