VIDEO: It’s still fun to drive a stock R32 Skyline GT-R

Matt Farah Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Matt Farah is a guy who drives highly tuned cars on a regular basis, but one of his favorites is a car that is very nearly bone stock and over 25 years old. In fact, he liked it so much he bought one for himself. 

The plaudits heaped upon the R32 Skyline GT-R are nothing new unless this is your first time on the Internet. The cars were incredibly good in period, but they’re still incredibly good now, even when stock. Farah provides an excellent perspective on how it drives, how it’s aged, and his plans for his own.


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7 Responses to VIDEO: It’s still fun to drive a stock R32 Skyline GT-R

  1. brett says:


    Taking up the R32 theme, you should do a post on the 1992 Australian Touring Car Championship when the R32 was heavily campaigned and very successful, including winning the Bathurst 1000. The R32 were up against a gaggle of Ford Sierra RS500s, and it was an epic year of touring car racing.

  2. Cedu says:

    I bet the R888s add to the fun.

  3. kalle says:

    I own one, had fast Holdens and Alfa Romeos in the past, Skyline performance and build quilaty second to none, I will never sell it…

  4. Terrance says:

    I just got Mine as well, and his comment about the brakes is spot on, i also completely agree with the comments about the handling and overall solid feel about the car, its truly amazing how well the Skyline GTR aged and is still relevant. Before getting the GTR, i had a GTS-t and that also felt solid but not taunt as the GTR. The RB26 is so smooth as is the power delivery.

  5. Geoff says:

    Of course it’s still fun to drive an R32. It’s a straight 6 with turbo power.

    He should note how similar it is to the Z32 in his review (though I don’t know if this was done before or after he did his “one takes” with the TT Z32s). I’ve driven both (though I admit, I’m more familiar with the Z32, since it’s mine and I didn’t want to break the R32), and right down to the twitchy HICAS, they feel the same through the corners.

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