VIDEO: The origins of Suzuki in anime form

Suzuki has released a new animated video showing the origins The origins of Suzuki go back to the late 1800s, when founder Michio Suzuki was finishing up an carpentry apprenticeship at the age of fourteen. He devised an automatic loom, as he hailed from Japan’ Enshu region, known for its textiles. After building a loom of his own design for his mother, a weaver, he founded Suzuki Loom Works at the age of 21. 

If that sounds familiar, it is almost the exact same origin story of Sakichi Toyoda, who invented his own automatic loom and founded Toyoda Loom Works, which later became Toyota.

After establishing Suzuki Loom Works, Michio Suzuki developed weaving machines that could easily weave the checked patterns Enshu was famous for. Though Suzuki began sought to develop cars in 1937, World War II halted his efforts and the motor company as we know it today didn’t begin until Suzuki began, like Honda, manufacturing motorized bicycles after the war.

Suzuki doesn’t get a lot of love and the video is short, but we hope there will be more chapters to fill in the history.

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  1. Mark Newton-John says:

    Nice, but hardly anime…

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