VIDEO: The introduction of Suzuki’s first car

Suzuki’s first car, the Suzulight, was launched in 1955. At a time when few in Japan owned private cars, and few roads existed, the first cars were sold to doctors so they could make house visits. 

The Suzulight was Japan’s first kei car, equipped with a 2-stroke 360cc engine with a front-wheel-drive setup and four-wheel independent suspension. The name came from a combination of “Suzuki” and “light car,”  which is the Japanese translation for “kei jidosha” taken literally. This is the second animated short in a series about the origins of Suzuki.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: The introduction of Suzuki’s first car

  1. M1abrams says:

    Love the simplistic animation style. Matches the humble story.

  2. Socarboy says:

    Suzuki has built some very good vehicles and as the owner of a 2008 SX4 that I’ve had 10 years I can say this has been a great everyday car. Too bad their reputation was tarnished over the sub-standard Daewoo cars that GM forced them to take on several years ago.

  3. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Our Suzuki Samurai is our go-to vehicle in the winter as well as an excellent city vehicle. It was by accident we bought the car. My partner was chastised for having difficulty getting to work in a snowstorm. The boss simply couldn’t care less. She was abhorred at my Craiglist purchase for $2000. New glass, wheels, tires, interior, paint & a 1.6 liter 16 Valve engine later, I routinely get offers to purchase it. It’s been an outstanding vehicle, surpassing my expectations for over 10 years now. It parks like a Smart car & believe it or not, I can get some 8 foot lumber in it.

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