VIDEO: The Challenging Spirit of Honda

Honda RA272 Mexican Grand Prix finish line

At the Tokyo Motor Show last November Honda released a short video called “The Challenging Spirit of Honda.” Chock full of 1960s racing footage from Honda’s first foray into Formula 1, it begins with Old Man Soichiro’s world-beating RC motorcycles and culminates with engine testing in preparation for its 2015 return to F1.

Though the video is narrated in Japanese, the rarely seen archival clips documenting a stratospheric three-year rise from bike builder to F1 world champions are a must-view for any Honda enthusiast.


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2 Responses to VIDEO: The Challenging Spirit of Honda

  1. Lupus says:

    These glowing headers… Wonderfull.
    By the way, great music in final part. 😉

  2. Nigel says:

    This is why I own an older Honda.
    (Honda needs to get this back into it’s production cars).

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