VIDEO: The age old battle of Skyline vs Rotary

Best Motoring Nissan Skyline GTR KPGC10 vs Mazda Savanna RX3

Skyline vs Rotary. It’s one of the oldest rivalries in Japanese motorsports, ever since Mazda snatched the Skyline’s widely expected 50th touring car victory in 1972. The folks at Best Motoring have recreated the battle, with tributes to the works Hakosuka GT-R and Savanna RX-3. 

Watch the video to see how the rematch fared. Best Motoring doesn’t exactly call a winner, but as a bonus, there’s also a matchup between an SA22C and an DR30 Skyline. Are you Team Skyline or Team Rotary?

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5 Responses to VIDEO: The age old battle of Skyline vs Rotary

  1. Brett says:

    I don’t understand a word , but I love these videos!

    Both great marques, but I owned an Series III RX7 back in the day (how I rue the day that I sold that car), and I am Team Rotary.

  2. j_tso says:

    I love the growl of that SA22C. Non-turbo rotaries don’t always have to be high pitched shriekers.

  3. rama says:

    Yo was this skyline brought into the USA. It looks similar to the one that zCarGarage has, but the paint has slightly changed…

  4. Joe Hornberger says:

    I’m initially for “Team Rotary”, but I really back up “Team keep the classics running”!! With old cars becoming increasingly rare everywhere, I support anyone keeping any brand and/or model alive. Call it sentimental, but new cars can’t invoke the sights, sounds, and feelings the old cars can. Keep ’em alive!!!!!

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