VIDEO: Subaru, A Life Story on the Line

A new Subaru commercial follows the multiple generations of a family that owns nothing but Subaru wagons. It starts out with a daughter being born and leaving the hospital in a DL.

Years later, she’s in an Outback and then a Forester, which is totaled in a crash. The message is that Subarus are reliable and safe. We think the ad mostly amazing for the fact that a first-gen DL probably hasn’t been seen on American TV since probably about 1982.

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5 Responses to VIDEO: Subaru, A Life Story on the Line

  1. Tylenopants says:

    Is it just me, or does this remind anyone else of that Honda commercial with the EF from awhile back?

  2. Another_Crazy says:

    Nice short clip and when I just read this Subaru in Malta abandon dealer:

  3. Dandy says:

    I love the rear end of that big Cadillac ambulance peaking out from behind the DL. Those things are boss. I wish they could have found a slightly nicer DL (just for the sake of JNC eye candy!), but I love how well it blends in and fits with the scene. Hopefully it’s not a car from a studio lot that gets beaten to a pulp later in a TV show or something. The fate of that Super Bee from the Knight Rider reboot is always in the back of my mind. ?

  4. Peter Carter says:

    I am certain that the first picture is of Washington High School in San Francisco. It is of the right side of the main entrance of the building.

    Go Eagles!

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