VIDEO: Starlet, Sunny, and AE86 on Maou Touge

In a recent Hot Version video, the gang takes a pack of highly tuned cars to the Maou Touge. However, rather than the standard Honda S2000 and WRX STI models, this time they are modified versions of old school RWD compacts.

Technically, the S2000 isn’t completely absent, as an F20C lives on underneath the hood both old school cars. The first is a a very purpose-built (read: ratty) Nissan B310 Sunny whose bodywork is skimpier than the woman in the cat outfit, whose VTEC four has been supercharged to 270PS. The other is a KP61 Starlet whose S2000 motor keeps the spirit of the original with a naturally aspirated 250PS.

Sadly, the two never go head to head, but they still show some serious touge prowess, where handling in a lightweight car is more important than MOAR POWAH. In Part 02, a 5AG-powered Corolla Levin shows why the AE86 is still a mountain champ 30 years after its introduction.

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5 Responses to VIDEO: Starlet, Sunny, and AE86 on Maou Touge

  1. Spirit Road says:

    Insane car control!

    I think I would shit in my pants lol

  2. Mark Newton-John says:

    Sigh, now KP61 Starlets are the thing. Come on, I want to see a modified 808 or a Familia (GLC)! How about a 70s Mirage (Dodge Colt)?

  3. Michael says:

    These sort of videos are why Hot Version is, & always will be, the very, very best!!!!!

    I’d die happy if the last thing I did in life was sit in the passenger seat beside Tsuchiya-san & go for a full-tilt, 11/10ths lap of the Gunsai Touge in his AE86.

    Ohhh…….& to be able to pull on the tail of the Touge Monster’s Servant!!!:):):)

  4. Shawn says:

    I’ve been contemplating stuffing an F20C inside my ’72 Sunny Coupe. Looks like I would need a steady supply of depends to go along with the added power.

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