VIDEO: Soichiro Honda’s rousing speech explains “Why we Race”

Honda has released a video called “Why we Race.” The title is taken from an impassioned speech founder Soichiro Honda himself back in the day. Honda’s actual words is played over archival footage of Honda’s racing successes (and failures) from bikes at the Isle of Man to F1 cars at Monza, making for an inspiring picture of Honda’s racing history. 

“Why do we race?” Honda asks. “It’s not simply a competition. We are operating a rolling laboratory. It is groundwork for creating the best car in the world. It has to be, and can only be Honda.” Though the source isn’t identified, it sounds like an address to Honda employees from the 1960s. It’s worth a view, even if you’re not a Honda head.

Meanwhile, Honda Japan has released another video showing victorious moments from its recent racing activities. It seems that Honda is really trying to push its rich motorsports heritage.


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9 Responses to VIDEO: Soichiro Honda’s rousing speech explains “Why we Race”

  1. cesariojpn says:

    Wait, didn’t the Honda F1 campaigns go south cause of engine problems?

    • Eddie Valiant says:

      Yep, they did. McLaren wasn’t too pleased either.

      The next video in the series should be called, “Why do we suck?”
      It’ll chronicle all the great models they shamelessly slaughtered to appeal to the lowest common denominator American buyer.

      The new, FK8 (did they mean FAKE) Civic Type R can demonstrate their history of dealer price gouging. They could even feature a vintage interview with the writer of Arrogance and Accords: The inside story of the Honda scandal.

      It’s common practice for propaganda to be utilized to stoke delusions of grandeur. Look no further than the 2016 “MAGA” US election campaign and even today’s reverential, pop culture media.

      Ready Player One (as an example) is nothing more than paying homage to “glory days” long gone. Honda is taking a page from the same playbook with this stuff.

      Soichiro, we miss you!

  2. SHC says:

    McLaren isn’t doing much better truthfully with another power plant.

    In truth the problems Honda had were more related to heat issues generated by the excess heat off a turbocharger and a complicated Energy Recovery System. The MGU-K (kinetic, harvesting system and the MGU-H (heat, harvesting energy from the turbo), was frying the turbo’s and electronics.
    Honda seems to do well in japan in Formula Super, which is their equivalent to F1. In fact the Supers would be mid pack in most F1 races under the current rules. Worldwide Honda does well across Europe, Asia and the U.S. in multiple series both two and four wheels.

    • Eddie Valiant says:

      Ok, how does this translate into products offered by the company that are sold to real-world consumers? Let’s not get into motorcycles since Honda has stiff competition and they’re all performance oriented. Even Honda can’t afford to wuss (yeah, goin’ retro with that word) out in that arena!

      If you’re on this site, (I can only assume) you’re likely a car enthusiast.

      So, name one current Honda car you can afford to purchase that truly gets your blood pumping…

      Then, would you actually commit to purchasing it???

    • Edward Clark says:

      During the 2017 Singapore GP press conference- a German motor journalist ask would McLaren Applied Technology still continue to build hybrid componentry for Honda F1 Racing. Masahi Yamamoto of Honda F1 said that Honda would be making the Hybrid componentry in 2018. Some of the problems in McLaren-Honda was not Honda’s fault.

  3. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I think as a competition brand, Honda has done, and is doing well. Yes, the F1 experience of late has been trying but an exception. Name me one brand that has embraced “failure” as a stepping stone as much as Honda. Is Honda a bit of a different animal and may have lost their way a bit? Maybe. But you will be hard pressed to find any product in the world that you can count on to start on the first try. Every time.

    It’s now a pretty dated video, but it still speaks to me every time I watch it…

    • Eddie Valiant says:

      Hmmm, I don’t know…Toyota’s products seem to start consistently.
      Where their cars continue to improve and impress (even the enthusiasts…Lexus, I’m looking at you), Honda is falling behind.

      That video (and dozens of others) exemplifies Honda’s problem and enthusiasts’ dissolution.

      The failure spin is irrelevant. The Big Three embraced “failure” and got a $36 billion dollar bailout. Mitsubishi embraced “failure” and restructured the entire company. Nissan embraced “failure” and merged. Honda MoCo has embraced “failure” and sold its soul. I’m not seeing the silver lining in any of those scenarios.

      Corporate Honda, if anything, is increasingly two-faced.
      Why is it that their marketing is always so reverential to their past…
      YET, their products aren’t???

      They selectively tell consumers to worship their past achievements (and ambitions), but don’t hold the current offerings to THAT high standard.

      Why? Because they’d rather cash in on fleeting CUV, SUV trends.

      Cue another crude oil price surge…

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