VIDEO: Excellent clips from the Shakotan Boogie anime

Shakotan Boogie anime

Here are some clips from the anime adaptation of Shakotan Boogie, which came out in the early 90s. Animation-wise, it falls somewhere between Speed Racer and the original Initial D, but I think that we can all agree, that this is the pinnacle of all that humanity has achieved in art and culture as we know it.

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12 Responses to VIDEO: Excellent clips from the Shakotan Boogie anime

  1. Seiko The Neko says:

    Sheesh, such a rare show. The only thing I’ve found on it is the complete VHS set for $50. Maybe someone could buy it, somehow convert it, and sub it. I’ve seen the live action movie and I’ve gotta say, it doesn’t seem to have the ‘soul’, if you will, of the anime.

  2. Steve says:

    Wow. What a blast from the past. I remember buying the manga series and those two episodes from the manga. I stopped buying them though because it started to get expensive trying to keep up. Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

  3. Nikita says:

    Hello, in Russia, too, waiting for a digitized version for voice acting.

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