VIDEO: Rocky Auto’s RB30-powered Kenmeri

You’ve seen photos of Rocky Auto‘s restomod Kenmeri Skyline. It’s got an tuned RB30 engine, a completely reworked multi-link suspension, Work Meisters over R34 brakes, and modern Recaro sport seats. Recently, Rocky-San took it to Fuji Speedway and made a video. 

As mean as it looks, you can’t really hear the engine that well in the clip above. Luckily, here’s another one that has nothing but revs as it rolls into Pacifico Yokohama.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

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6 Responses to VIDEO: Rocky Auto’s RB30-powered Kenmeri

  1. Cho says:

    I need this Car,

  2. M1abrams says:

    The Kenmeri body style is my favourite of the Skylines. It has classic North American muscle car lines, which I love. To find a burbling, rumbling V8 under the hood wouldn’t but too outlandish with this style. However, a sick RB resto-mod is really the way to go. Rocky Auto has done this version of Skyline proud in my view.

  3. John Moran says:

    My favorite JNC is the Tokyo Motor Show Kenmeri, but this one is not far behind. I was fortunate to be with David on the day of that lead photo and got a little video. If you are like me and can’t get enough of that sound, here is another minute –

  4. Kiran says:


  5. Evan Poole says:

    uuuuhhhhhh…….. Can we talk about the convertible 2000GT WHOA!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Censport says:

    I would trade the S660 for this in a heartbeat.

    But the boss would probably fire me.

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