VIDEO: Rocky Auto’s Lexus V8-powered Hakosuka

Rocky Auto Lexus V8 hakosuka Skyline XCar

Many of you loved the cars in the last video we posted but found the music controversial. Prepare yourself for the opposite. It’s hard to take offense to a Temptaions-esque free use Motown groove, but the accompanying car is one of Japan’s most revered classics, the hakosuka Nissan Skyline, powered by a 1UZ Lexus V8.

Rocky Auto Lexus 1UZ  V8 hakosuka Skyline XCar

As you can probably tell from its massive 16-inch Rays TE37V wheels and power-oriented setup that the loco hako the brain child of Rocky Auto. Purists will cringe, but we are strangely as copacetic about this as we are about any other Rocky Auto creation. On the blasphemy scale it falls somewhere between RB26 swap and small block Chevy (which is of course right next to a cartoon of Mohammed doing the Gangnam). Had the donor hako started life as a true GT-R rather than a lesser GT-X, however, we’d be reaching for the pitchforks.


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20 Responses to VIDEO: Rocky Auto’s Lexus V8-powered Hakosuka

  1. dickie says:

    at least they used the good v8 option.

    • Ben says:

      What would the bad one be?

      • justin says:

        Anything Chevy or Ford made.

        • Aaron says:

          The 1UZ is a nice engine, but be realistic. I know we’re on a Japanese import site and pushrods/big displacement are the devil; however, you can’t deny the performance of the Gen III+ chevy or the new ford motor. To say they are bad is ignorant.

        • Robert Herrington says:

          This is an ignorant statement. I love old Toyota cars but if an ls7 was cheaper and easier to get in Japan you’d see a lot more of them in builds over there. a ported 4.8 liter ls1 head can flow up to 315 cfm on the intake side. the general science says this is capable of supporting 725 hp naturally aspirated. due to the clip clearance between the valves and the lack of room for valve train adjustment and modification the 1uz will never come close. not to mention when boosted the LS series chevrolet v8’s in stock form routinely make over 800 hp. all this being said i do like the 1uz and would not discount it as a good source of power for the right project.

  2. Ken says:

    Awesome power plant.

    However I took offense to the Motown groove.

  3. Iwakuni91 says:

    I am not crazy about how the front sits but after reading about Rocky’s motivation on, ahem, other websites, I’m feeling it. Considering that he owns three original KPGC-10’s plus a Z432, and that this is a base Skyline that he wanted for experimentation and greater day to day reliability what can you say? Nobody wants a base Skyline other than to clone. Why not have some fun with it? And you gotta admit, it does sound good (not right, but good).

  4. Benjamin says:

    Purists will cringe? At the German seats, or the Italian steering wheel? The only thing I’m cringing about with the 1UZ is that there isn’t a supercharger on top of it.

  5. izzy says:

    the things rocky-auto comes out with are works of art and two xcar videos never let viewers down

  6. theunstated says:

    Saw this car in person… it was beautiful. Truly a work of art

  7. Tim Waters says:

    That is a freakin beast! I want one!

  8. Ryan says:

    I can forgive the Lexus in the Hako, but that music…good god that was terrible!

  9. I would have done a 90-96 Infiniti Q45 V8, just for continuity. Still, gorgeous car. I think the music actually goes with the cinematography.

  10. Jared says:

    I liked the throaty sound of that V8! I didn’t really care much for the cinematography or the music that much. I prefer the artistic approach that has more steady and still shots of the car without any music. Not the jumpy fx type stuff. Just my preference though. Cool Hako!!

  11. Shane says:

    as if you wouldn’t use a VH45 or VH41.

  12. JETTO says:

    fast forward to 2040: There might come a time, when inorder to keep our JNCs street legal the only option is to transplant an electric motor and install speakers to simulate engine sound.

    Thats what JNCs all about… restoration, looking for parts, modifications, appreciating other cars, etc. Just having fun with cars and enjoy driving them.

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