VIDEO: Could the fifth-gen Civic VX be the best beginner car ever made?

It is 2017, so 25 years ago it was 1992. That year, one of the most important cars to the sport compact movement came to American shores, the EG Honda Civic. In this case, however, we’re talking about the EH2 Civic VX because Honda enthusiasts get too in depth with chassis codes for their own good. 

While we will be doing a full introductory to the 25 year club for this chassis, let’s welcome the 5th generation Honda Civic into the 25 Year Club with this video from Regular Car Reviews breaking down exactly why this is such a great chassis. They get a few things wrong on this car, like assuming the base model didn’t come with Enkei alloy wheels, but overall the reviewer captures the essence of the car.

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10 Responses to VIDEO: Could the fifth-gen Civic VX be the best beginner car ever made?

  1. Randy says:

    Great review – I don’t think I’ve seen one of his that I didn’t like.

    He’s right about all the points he makes about “back then,” and some are fairly poignant, for better or worse…

    I never knew they had a 2-piece hatch. Dunno if I’d say it’s a better design, or not.

    I’d take one now, though, yes, in the VX, mpg-champ dress, etc., and even without the A/C.

    • Ant says:

      I remember reading back in the day that the two-piece hatch was a little too easy for people to break into, but it seems quite space-efficient, and usable too – if you only need to throw a few items in the boot and don’t want stuff falling over.

      Never quite sure about RCR’s reviews. They can be funny, but it’s more a socio-economic commentary than an actual car review.

      • Randy says:

        Oh yeah – I can’t say he gets everything right from a technical standpoint… I just like his smart-alec comments. Loved the Chevette one!

        As for the socio-economics, yeah, sometimes he does seem to rip on them pretty hard, ’cause they’re not all Bentleys and Lambos…

        Two that he gets on: Chevette and Starion.
        My sister had a Chevette, and while it was a total dog with A/T, it did it’s job. My Conquest (Starion) was a blast. “Only” 147hp, as I recall, but was still higher-performing than you’d think.

  2. Rayson says:

    I had a Civic CX (Canadian base) as a dd/winter beater few years ago and it was one of the best cars i ever owned. No power option = less to goes wrong. Parts are cheap and when stuff break, all I need is go to the local junkyard to grab whatever I needed (Ofc exclude wear items), I mean Honda made millions of them and kids keep crashing them or people junking them after the cars rusted out (rust belt problems lol). Previous owner dropped in the hotter D16Y8 so car was nice and rev happy. I swapped in the Integra GSR brakes all around, combined with the Integra Type R suspension + sway bars the car was a blast to drive. Filling up the tank was cheap. With a decent set of snow tires I get through the Canadian winter better than the soccer mommy’s fancy AWD BMW X5 or Suburban.

    God I miss that car.

  3. Socarboy says:

    The 90s Civics were the nameplate’s high point in my opinion

  4. 22blades says:

    The 90’s Civic to me signaled a matured following and aftermarket scene. In particular, I remember seeing a Jackson Racing modded Civic & thought the mature market had arrived. It’s staggering to think what is available today on the internet versus those days.

  5. Joe Hornberger says:

    Damn… this was about SO much more than a basic car. This was about life, and one I remember. Makes me nostalgic. Though not Japanese, I remember my mom’s 1987 Chevy Cavalier CL; my mom and dad’s first new car. It had an 88 hp 2.0L 8-valve pushrod 4 cylinder motor, a 3 speed auto trans; crank windows; and it was just fine driving anywhere. No bluetooth, nav., no turbos or variable valve timing or dual-clutch auto… just simplicity. There are many, many times I question if we really have advanced. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep jamming to Genesis.

  6. Tucker says:

    Ah yes. I have a 1992 Honda civic VX. (Lalonda the Honda) This is my first honda car. I have had it for 6 years. Bought it from my neighbor. Original family owned & paid $ 200. 268,000 kilometre upon purchase. Now at 309,000. Regular maintenance & write everything down on the inside of the hood. Average 44. MPG and as high as 56 in the city. 5 speed. She is my work vehicle. Fantastic in the snow with 2 winter tires too. I will drive it till she dies. I would buy another civic.I have put in 8 foot lumber and close the rear hatch. A minature truck.
    I originally looked at it for a friend at work. Until I opened the hatch. MINE…
    If you own 1 drive it. Very dependable. Cheers.

  7. Rial Solomon says:

    I bought my 92 civic VX as a total beater that hardly worked. I “restored” it on a tight budget, with many trips to the salvage yard. That car never failed me.


    I bought mine brand new in June of 1992 and still have it. 518,000 miles on it, and it still looks and runs great. It has stranded my twice in 25 years, both times when the ignition coil failed. Fun to drive, seats 5, seats fold down, hatch is good for tailgating, up to 57.7 mpg hwy. I may have the oldest 1 owner VX in the world!

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