VIDEO: Oka no Blume Meeting 2015

Blume Hill Meeting 2015

Watch as the purveyors of Japanese shakotan style head to a meet in Shiga Prefecture. Words cannot do these cars justice so you’ll just have to watch the video itself. 

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7 Responses to VIDEO: Oka no Blume Meeting 2015

  1. Nihonnotekko says:

    Excellent video. It’s truely 16 minutes of pure eye-candy. After watching this, I can’t express how badly I miss taking my old RX-7 out to meets and shows when I still had her.

  2. PDXBryan says:

    So much great Japanese tin but why so few 1st gen Celicas, AE86s, Mazda RX2-3s and, especially, 510s? Have they al been eaten by the tin worm or drifted to destruction?

    • Kuroneko says:

      This event – great vid by the way! – looks like a Nissan flavor, but even in Japan, the early Mazda are very rare too for some reason. Australia seems to have more, though down there most suffer the indignity of bogan donk. Easier to fix than rust I suppose…

    • Wayne Thomas says:

      Shakken. So many Japanese are not DIYs and so never shakken their own cars thereby saving hundreds to thousands of dollars. As a result, so many Japanese are conditioned to thinking that the Cult of The New extends to cars. My mother-in-law is refusing to allow me to shakken her 2003 Fit and will instead get a new Kei – probably Hustler.

      I don’t see how she can think that getting a ¥1.5million car is less expensive than a new transmission for her Fit….that doesn’t even need it yet. Both the interior and exterior are pristine despite having more than 100,000 miles. She is determined to junk the car because she cannot sell it for any money.

      This is where J-tin goes with the only obvious exception being more JDM FD RX7s and JZ80 Supras than in the US. a RHD 240Z here is a fortune whereas a LHD model in the US can be had for way less than $10,000.

      • Kuroneko says:

        A Hustler though? You cannot blame her I suppose… Get the 60mm lift kit, blue with white, and you’ve got a killer kei!

  3. Sedanlover says:

    ITB’s on a 2JZ! Shit yeah!!!

    And the wheels… so many awesome wheels.

    Great vid of a Datsun meet. Shame there wasn’t more Toyota’s to film.

  4. Kurt says:

    The yellow C10 sedan is awe-inspiring.

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