VIDEO: A complete snapshot of Nissan circa 1974

A short film made in the UK shows a complete snapshot of Nissan’s activities in what appears to be 1974. After a brief history of the carmaker’s early history, it delves into the company’s extensive manufacturing and R&D efforts. And of course, there are tons of drool-worthy Bluebird, Z, Sunny, Cherry and truck models rolling off the assembly lines in factory fresh condition.

Perhaps the most fascinating part is when the video delves into Nissan’s research and development. You see experimental rotary engines, emissions testing, and safety concepts with airbags both front and rear. Then there’s satisfying spectacle of transmission assembly, accompanied by the jaunty music you’d find in a Mister Roger’s Neighborhood clip. It’s not clear whether this was a documentary or a promotional video, but either way the footage is mesmerizing. And you can’t help but wonder how many of these cars still exist today.

Thank to Martin K. for the tip!

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  1. Eric Hyland says:

    Way cool video,thanks

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