VIDEO: Nissan explores pickup history in “Truckumentary”

05_Nissan Datsun 720

The next-generation Nissan Titan will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Leading up to it, Nissan has produced a multi-part “Truckumentary” leading up to its reveal. Part one delves into Nissan’s storied truck history. 

Cameos are made by the 320 pickup, PatrolJob One 720 pickup we featured a few months ago, and the Lane Motor Museum where the vehicles are kept. The video focuses on US-market trucks, which is fair seeing as how the Titan is US-designed and built, but when Nissan exec Fred Diaz says that Nissan’s truck heritage “goes back more than 55 years here in the US,” we can’t help but think the number would sound a lot more impressive if it was 80 years, which is the age of the footage of 1934 Datsun Type 13Ts rolling off the assembly lines.


Since then there have been pickups, commercial trucks, and even buses that are now considered nostalgic, ranging from the Sunny to Sungreat. Many were commercial-grade diesels too, and a Cummins diesel V8 will one of the highlights of the new Nissan Titan. We’ll have more coverage of your next 240Z tow vehicle when the Detroit Auto Show kicks off January 12.

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2 Responses to VIDEO: Nissan explores pickup history in “Truckumentary”

  1. Kurt says:

    Does anyone know more about the D21 ‘Bonneville Race Truck’ in the clip? Looks interesting.

  2. Censport says:

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is an incredibly rare peek into the one corner of the museum’s basement that is never open to the public. I’m actually a little surprised this has been made public.

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