VIDEO: The most high-tech Japanese sports car of the 90s

MotorWeek Mitsubishi 3000GT

What was the most high-tech Japanese sports car of the 90s? Quite possibly the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, with its all-wheel-drive, twin-turbos and active aero. Today they seem to be taking a back seat to cars like the NSX, RX-7 and Supra among all but the most ardent Triple Diamond fans, but back when it was new the 3000GT (and its twin, the Dodge Stealth R/T) were awesome, state-of-the-art Nihon rockets. 

Source: MotorWeek

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6 Responses to VIDEO: The most high-tech Japanese sports car of the 90s

  1. MikeRL411 says:

    Keep thee jewels coming!

  2. Skyler says:

    Man I love steaths….. I’ve tried buying one twice and both times the synchros were bad

  3. Ryan Senensky says:

    I’m 95% sure I have that same windbreaker. I’m glad they stopped referencing japanese cars as “oriental” cars by the 90s.

  4. Ryan says:

    I was expecting this post to come from Kevin San 😉

  5. RdS says:

    A little too much Gran Turismo in the late 90’s, means I’ll ALWAYS have a soft-spot for the 3000GT/GTO. My wallet says no (actually, my bank account *screams* it!), but argh.. I’ll no doubt end up with one of these at some point.
    One of the very brightest points of Japan’s greatest era of sportscars…

  6. JCN 3 says:

    I worked for Mitsu of America from ’86- 2000 and after seeing the Starion ESI-R go away in ’89, we were of course excited about the GSX Eclipse, but just blown away when the first 3000 VR4s rolled off the transport!!! When it would rain sometimes we would take one out just to see if we could get it sideways even at 100mph, but those cars held the road like no other car of that time! I believe Road and Track had it on the cover that year labeled “Ferrari Fighter !” and I know for several years was the fastest car through the slalom that they tested!. All of the gadgetry was fun ( like finding out that the rear steering rack had its own p/s pump that sat on top of and was driven by the rear diff ), active aero , active exhaust, etc but I think if I ever do get ahold of one, I’d be tempted to see how much weight I could drop off of it. Pretty heavy sports car 😉

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