VIDEO: MotorFix’s V8-powered Corolla by XCar

MotorFix E70 Corolla drifting

If you’ve ever seen a ratty E70 Corolla mid-drift, chances are MotorFix was involved. The Gifu Prefecture shop is well known for its thoroughly modified but completely rat rodded fourth-gen Corollas. Remember, these are supsensionally identical to the AE86, and the only thing that prevented them from achieving worldwide drift glory was the lack of a 4A-GE motor. That’s where MotorFix comes in.

The latest video by Luke Huxham of XCar examines another Lexus 1UZ-powered nostalgic. This time it’s less blasphemous but the result is no less amazing. MotorFix has mated the eight-ITB V8 to Toyota‘s ubiquitous W58 5-speed and an S130 Crown rear end. 

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4 Responses to VIDEO: MotorFix’s V8-powered Corolla by XCar

  1. E-AT_me says:

    i like these videos. although not much of the car driving, i don’t seem to care. it’s just enough. gives me a “feel good” feeling.. just like the skyline.

  2. Aaron says:

    One of my favorite short clips. Huxham does a great job capturing the motorFIX family vibe, while throwing the spotlight on the shop’s centerpiece.

    Much respect to that shop

  3. Nigel says:

    Great to finally see MotorFix’s shop.
    I think I first saw this Corolla in pictures at TAS 2012.
    Cool post Ben.

  4. Jefreeman says:

    I’ve always loved these old corollas. Sure does make it look like fun.. $$$

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