VIDEO: Man removes engine of first US-market Honda

Tim Mings Honda Serial One N600

“I’ve never had one kick my ass like that before,” says Tim Mings of the Serial One Honda N600. It’s the latest installment of Honda’s video series documenting the restoration of the first Honda built for the US market. 

Sadly, the video is not much longer than this sentence. Blink and you’ll miss the entire engine-pulling process. Tim’s restored dozens upon dozens of Honda N600 and Z600 cars. What made this engine so ass-kickingly hard to remove? We’ll never know.

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6 Responses to VIDEO: Man removes engine of first US-market Honda

  1. Thomas Fitzgibbon says:

    Tim is the best man for the job. No.1 couldn’t have fallen into better hands, otherwise Honda Motor Company would have done it themselves.

    • Mercilessmings says:


    • Ben Hsu says:

      Tim, if you have any say in the videos, please tell them to make them longer! Unless it really takes you 18 seconds to remove an engine.

      • Mercilessmings says:

        They don’t even tell me when they are releasing one…..I assume these little 18 second ones, are like previews for the “full length” versions to come. I just focus on my end, making it the way it was in 67…..

  2. Wayne Thomas says:

    Respect the classics man. But, when a non-historical piece gets too far gone, restomod that baby!

  3. Pete240z says:

    Tim Mings rocks. Dude rocks!

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