VIDEO: M10 Nissan Prairie


Behold, one solid minute of the coolest M10 Prairie in the world. Sold as the Nissan Stanza Wagon in the US, this B-pillarless, sliding-door wonder preceded he original Dodge Caravan by two years. While these are usually beat to hell in the US, somehow the wondrous two-tone body of this example has been preserved. When slammed, its already tall greenhouse gives it the look of a superdeformed cartoon car. It is awesome. That is all. 


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  1. Randy says:

    Strange little vehicle at the time – might be why I RARELY saw them when new. Maybe it’s because of the market segment – compact, uh, microvan? Small hatchbacks sold well, and we all know about the minivan craze. The in-betweens, not so much…

    Should’ve sold better than they did; compact size and economy, with enough room to carry 5 (we were smaller then) and their junk more efficiently than a regular sedan… Admittedly, I didn’t see a whole lot of Stanzas on the road then, either.

    Maybe BECAUSE it was a “tall wagon.”

    I THINK they were available with AWD, and 5-speed, though I don’t recall if they could be had together.

    Another vehicle that TODAY would make a LOT of sense for me.

    I dug the original Axxess, too.

    Thinking about it, I only saw the occasional Civic “wagon,” too. Same thoughts apply to it, re: strange, but useful design.

    Of course, I don’t grimace when I think of Gremlins and Pacers, or the original Valiants, either, so…

  2. Mark Newton-John says:

    Tall wagons as they were called, just didn’t hit it off in the US. Japan already had minivans years before the caravan, I remember seeing a Delica for the first time in late 1981 in Japan and wished they’d sell them here.
    I think the Corolla wagon at the time was the best selling, but when the minivans came out, the tall wagons went away.

    • Yoda says:

      IIRC the Colt Vista was a hot item for a few years, at least in Vermont where I grew up and anyone cross-shopping a Chrysler minivan in the same showroom would be attracted by the AWD option and opening second-row windows (nobody bought a/c in non-luxury cars).

    • Yoda says:

      Just saw this the other day;

  3. Scotty G says:

    A Prairie is so ridiculously high on my wish list, but they just aren’t out there.
    Rust-free, AWD, 5-speed.. may as well just ask for world peace.

  4. Aaron says:

    Who’s Prairie is that? Looking to do similar suspension work and curious how the drop was done. Thanks!

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