VIDEO: Listen to the engine roar of three seminal GT-Rs

We’ve snapped a lot of photos and spilled a lot of digital ink writing about the Skyline GT-R, but one thing that images and words can’t convey is the amazing aural power of its incredible engines. Luckily, Motor Trend provides that soundtrack in an Ignition episode video about three landmark generations of the legendary GT-R, from the raw snarl of the Hakosuka’s S20 to the turbocharged boom of Godzilla’s RB26DETT to the high-tech woosh of the R35’s VR38DETT. 

It’s also fun to watch host Jason Cammisa’s face light up with glee as he pilots a Hakosuka GT-R through a closed-off backroad. In particular, he beams at the ridiculous-for-its-time 7,000 rpm redline of the Hako’s 24-valve, twin-cam S20, likening it to a Lamborghini V12. In fact, long-time readers may recognize it as the same Hako owned by our friend Tom Knudsen which we bombed around New York city in.

Cammisa’s turn in the R32 is equally enjoyable, as he struggles to remember what all of its AWD and four-wheel steering acronyms stand for. He has less kind things to say about the R35 — not that it isn’t a fantastic machine, but that Nissan seems to have lost some of its racing mojo that helped the previous GT-Rs become legends. In any case, it’s well worth a watch to kick of your week.

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10 Responses to VIDEO: Listen to the engine roar of three seminal GT-Rs

  1. alvin says:

    I had fun spending the day with the filming crew for this episode. The R32 is a Z Car Garage customer’s vehicle. Tom’s KPGC10 is amazing. I’ll have a behind the scenes report shortly!

  2. Damian says:

    The same technology was in the Mitsubishi 30000GT and more like active aero such an underated car an awesome looking standing next to it in person

  3. Damian says:

    3000GT ?

  4. jamal says:

    He missed the R33 & R34 but I understand, because they are not that popular in the states….

  5. Tom Westmacott says:

    This is a really great piece, a lot better than I expected. I’m happy to see today’s GT-R being put into the context of it’s rich history.

  6. xs10shl says:

    Some additional background – this was a fun shoot, put together on quite short notice. My involvement was unfortunately limited to handing Jason the keys and bringing the crew doughnuts, but I can confirm that I did indeed instruct Jason to shift only after 7000 RPM, at every opportunity. He drove the C10 pretty hard, with my permission, to the point where it suffered from pretty significant brake fade after 30 minutes of “drive by” shots – that’s where Jason accelerates hard past a moving camera car, and then slams on the brakes to get back into position. Brakes cooled, and all was well again.

    Some would be surprised and shocked at the amount of abuse all these cars go through to get all the shots needed for a short video like this one. Personally, I felt the effort was worth it to help memorialize how outstanding these cars are. My only disappointment was that we did not get a “Hero Shot” of the Skylines driving under the “Skyline Blvd” freeway sign – the road on which nearly the entire segment was filmed.

    • Randy says:

      Thank you for providing the car for a very nice piece of historical reference!

      I personally, would be TERRIFIED to drive it, just because of knowing what one sold for not too long ago. I’m fine with lap-only belts!

      This will seem an odd question, but how’s the rear seat space? The reason I ask is that MANY cars today – sporty and otherwise – have very limited space for humans, so they suffer in sales because people need some modicum of practicality.

    • Evan P says:

      Beautiful car! Jason is quite the character, I wouldn’t mind him having a go in my 2JZ Celica Supra lol. I posted this question in the you-tube Video but I was curious what Tires are you running on your Wats?

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