VIDEO: Let’s see what’s running around behind the Honda Collection Hall

Honda prides itself on being an engineering company, and one of the ways it demonstrates that is through its official museum. Unlike many historic collections, everything at the Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Tochigi Prefecture runs. To prove it, Honda has been releasing videos of vehicles driving on museum grounds. 

1960 Sport Cub 110, a sport version of the Super Cub.

1995 Integra Type R, the ultimate front-wheel-drive sports car.

1982 FT400, a 4-valve single cylinder bike on which everything was square, even the gauges.

1983 CBX250RS, a twin-cam, dual carb, single-cylinder bike.

1966 Benly S50, a 50cc sports model.

1992 CB1000 Super Four, a naked version of the famed CBR1000F.

1983 CX650 Turbo, one of the rarest turbocharged bikes, according to Motorcycle Classics, with only 1,777 produced and fewer than 1,200 imported to North America.

1988 Bros 650, known in the US as the Hawk GT NT650, had an aluminum frame and single-sided swingarm.

1993 Dio XR Baja, a (slightly) more rugged version of the popular Dio.

1985 DJ-1, another scooter model popular with customizers.

1947 Model A, essentially a motor strapped to a bicycle, it was the first official Honda vehicle.

1961 Z100, a predecessor to the Monkey.

1964 S600, Honda’s second sports car.

1958 Dream C70, Honda’s first twin.

1996 Joker, a hugely popular scooter from the 1990s.

1983 Beat, predating the kei roadster of the same name by almost a decade, it featured super-angular 1980s design, even down to the gauges.

1988 Gold Wing, more car than bike.

1982 CB1100F, the bike Cycle World called the “fastest stock bike ever tested” in 1983.

1976 Accord CVCC, the car that brought Honda into the big leagues.

2001 NSX, a car that needs no introduction.

1984 Prelude, an under-appreciated generation in the pantheon of Honda coupes.

1987 Civic Si, with JDM power bulge.

1975 Dream CB500T, a bike with a proper classic look.

2001 Integra Type R, last of the classic Type Rs.

1979 Civic 1500, plain on the outside, but funky plaid seats and Concentrated Target Meter on the inside.

1990 Zook, designed after a skateboard and equipped with IRC MB52 “footstep” tires.

1972 White Dax ST50 Sport-I, a rare special edition with flower-print seat.

1987 Monkey R, for when you still want to go fast while being on a tiny bike.

This is just a sample of the videos Honda has posted. There’s a lot more on the company’s YouTube channel, where you can immerse yourself for hours in nothing but Old Man Soichiro’s beloved engine sounds.

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4 Responses to VIDEO: Let’s see what’s running around behind the Honda Collection Hall

  1. Bob says:

    The Sport 110 Cub reminds me of the S90 I had as a kid, and thrashed mercilessly.
    How I’d love to have it back.

  2. james says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the Prelude.I still want one even though they went out of production over 15 years ago.

  3. Ant says:

    Big fan of the Prelude and Civic Si. Amazed by how much variety there is in something as simple as scooters too – I knew Honda had used the Beat name on one before it did the car, but I don’t think I’ve ever sought out images of one. Crazy little thing.

  4. Doug says:

    Where is the Honda 9S 1300 coupe?

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