VIDEO: Let’s Make a Deal on some Datsuns

Let's Make a Deal Datsuns

Here are a bunch of costumed contestants going apeshit over some Datsuns on Let’s Make a Deal. Everything from Li’l Hustler 620 pickups to 260Z sports cars to 710 wagons are dazzlingly revealed as prizes in one of the most popular game shows of the 1970s. 

Let's Make a Deal Datsun 260Z

The video also provides some insight into what these cars were valued at when new. $6,299.78 for a brand new 260Z? Let’s make a deal!

Embedding has been disabled on this video, so hop on over to YouTube to watch the whole thing.

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  1. Yoda says:

    I wonder if the studio cars were the actual prizes, or if the winner got a voucher they could present to a dealership back home.

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