VIDEO: Land Cruisers and an ancient trade

Toyota Land Cruiser Daghwah 01

A generations-old way of life is about to go extinct. The Daghwah fishermen on the shores of the Persian Gulf haul tons of fish to shore by casting massive nets each morning. Dragging them to shore and carrying them to market are their old workhorses, Toyota Land Cruisers slowly disintegrating from constant contact with saltwater. 

Toyota Land Cruiser Daghwah 02

What used to be done by a team of 50 men was first done with Land Rovers, explains fisherman Saif, “But then [they] couldn’t handle the tough conditions, then Japan started making the Land Cruisers, so we started using the Land Cruisers till today.”

Toyota Land Cruiser Daghwah 03

However, it’s not the rigs that are killing the tradition, it’s new environmental laws that frown upon the daghwah’s “catch-all” methods. Beautifully directed by filmmaker Moe Najati and featuring Cruisers ranging from old FJ45s to the recently re-released 70-Series, this might be the last glimpse into a way of life that will soon disappear. Watch the video below.

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  1. JHMBB2 says:

    It’s amazing to see all the things that go on in this world.

    Yet…people are concerned about Bruce Jenner looking like a woman.

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