VIDEO: Jay Kho’s Wild Card DR30 Skyline

Jay Kho DR30 Nissan Skyline.jpg

A DR30 Skyline in signature red and black colors should be either a.) fighting crime on the mean streets of urban Japan or b.) in Hasemi livery tearing down the Fuji straight. So what’s it doing gliding down The Strip with the lights of old school Vegas bouncing off its angular body lines? The star of Petrolicious‘s latest video is friend of JNC and Sin City resident Jay Kho. With his Newman Skyline, Jay is a member of the Wild Cards, and you may have even gotten a close-up look at his car at our JCCS booth last year. If you missed it though, now you can watch it in motion. 

Source: Petrolicious

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3 Responses to VIDEO: Jay Kho’s Wild Card DR30 Skyline

  1. RdS says:

    ..strangely then, it looked SO right cruising through Vegas! Great locations in the always-quality Petrolicious videos..

  2. Nigel says:

    Last time I saw one was at JCCS ! Nice to see an R30 being enjoyed.

  3. Big Mike Muniz says:

    Yes! A Wild Card brotha!

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