VIDEO: In post-Maria Puerto Rico, cars still shine

Even though it’s about the size of Connecticut, and despite a devastating hurricane just two years ago, Puerto Rico has a thriving car scene. It’s downright amazing what enthusiasts on the small island territory are able to accomplish, considering the extra hurdles they have to jump just to finish a car. But, the results speak for themselves, as seen in a newly released video.

The hour-long video follows the lead-up to Tuner Evolution Puerto Rico, a show that began in Pennsylvania but was held on the island in 2019, two years after Hurricane Maria destroyed the region. It’s more than just show coverage, and gets into interviews with builders and their struggles completing projects that are entered into the show.

What you get are heartwarming tales of multi-generational enthusiasts making do any way they can to build their cars, even though Maria left areas without electricity for six months. Some of the cars damaged will absolutely break your heart. Even before the storm, Puerto Rico had to deal with tremendous taxes on imported cars and parts. The video is beautifully shot, and features some closeups of a very nice Corolla Wagon, AE86, S13, and many more in fleeting clips. The old school rotaries and drag Corollas are our favorites.

Thanks to Arnel S. for the tip!

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  1. Negishi No Keibajo says:

    Good lord, that’s one tasty wagon!!!

    PS: Wagon biased…

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