VIDEO: Honda Serial One’s engine is alive!

Honda Serial One paint

When it’s done, this might just be the best restored Honda N600 on planet Earth. But then again, it’s a special car, the first Honda ever built for US import. Our friend Tim Mings — who we believe is planning a full transition into the character that gave him his nickname Merciless Mings, fu manchu and all — is in charge of the restoration, and in the latest installment the humble Honda undergoes a down-to-bare-metal stripping usually reserved for Pebble Beach show cars. 

It’s impressive to say the least, with the rapidly diminishing art of metalworking in full effect. Another significant milestone in the latest update is fact that Tim has finished putting the engine back together and fires it up for the first time. If this doesn’t make you want to spend some time in the garage this weekend, have someone check your pulse.

For more on this significant part of Honda history, click here. For a look at Honda USA’s collection of classics, which this car will eventually join, click here.

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5 Responses to VIDEO: Honda Serial One’s engine is alive!

  1. Tim Mings says:

    Almost looks like I know what I’m doing! Almost……

  2. Power Tryp says:

    I love these but I wish they were longer and provided a little more detail. There isn’t a single N600 or Z600 probably in Canada and gen 1 and 2 civics are rare as a solid diamond plate so this would be an awesome chance to go through and the car and explain what made it unique and some of the interesting quirks that an early Honda of it’s type had.

  3. SHC says:

    Maybe the the N & Z models will gain a little more respect from non Honda aficionados as a result of this restoration. Great work Tim Mings, so how many man hours do you figure you have so far in this build ?

  4. Nathan Judy says:

    Keep up the great work! You are the man, Merciless Mings!

  5. Alex says:

    N600 is almost like a mini cooper

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