VIDEO: Honda “Paper” commercial is a moving timeline

Honda Paper

Honda is back with another incredible commercial showcasing the breadth and history of their products. This time, the painstakingly crafted spot uses nothing but sheets of paper and hours of stop-motion animation to create a moving timeline. 

This is merely the latest in a long series of Honda ads, such as Cog, Impossible Dream, Great Thinking Inside, and Ignition.


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3 Responses to VIDEO: Honda “Paper” commercial is a moving timeline

  1. daniel guzman says:

    Honda once again, continues to deny your past, more than 20 years in the modern motorcycling dominating and place it just the sound of 2-stroke motocross? It is more important to make lawnmowers? Your passion and your story is to compete and be the best against the best, it is the only way to improve. It seems that long ago lost the course.

    As you could say Casey Stoner: “Your ambition is stronger than your talent”

    • JHMBB2 says:

      Agree, if anything they’re really riding their good name of the past to keep selling. It’s time to go back to being innovative and competing stronger than ever.

  2. cesariojpn says:

    Thanks for reminding us Americans we never got the Accord Estate Wagon.

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