VIDEO: Honda Collection Hall video dump

Honda Collection Hall 1987 CRX

The Honda Collection Hall museum at Twin Ring Motegi has just uploaded another several videos to their YouTube channel. Following on the series launched earlier this year, several 80s Honda cars and motorcycles get their turn to exercise their engines around the museum grounds. It’s not quite an extensive a collection as the first round, but we get some sweet Prelude and CR-X action. 

1982 VT250F, pulled right from the gallery floor!

1987 Honda CR-X

1983 Spacy 125 Striker

1981 Stream

1987 Prelude (sadly, an automatic)

1980 750 Custom Exclusive

1994 Odyssey. Did you know the rear seats could fold down to face back, with a view out of the tailgate?

1980 MBX50

1986 XLR250R


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5 Responses to VIDEO: Honda Collection Hall video dump

  1. Nigel says:

    Watched the CR-X a few times.

  2. James says:

    So many fond memories of riding in first- and second-gen CRXs in high school. I’ve become obsessed with owning one now.

  3. Ant says:

    Saw these pop up on my feed. Much as I love the CR-X (how great does it look on those original wheels?) it’s the Prelude I currently want to own. In automatic form, too, since I already have a Eunos Roadster for fun. Those two, and the Spacy to commute on, would be a great three-vehicle garage…

  4. BlitzPig says:

    I miss my CRX.

    Sure wish they would make a new one, but that will never happen…

  5. JovaTecH says:

    I want a Stream!!!

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