VIDEO: It’s hard finding Cosmo Sport parts in Japan

If you haven’t been keeping up with Mazda Germany’s web series about the restoration of a very rusty Cosmo Sport race car, you’re missing one of the best car restoration shows out right now. Since we last checked in, there have been several more episodes, two of which take place in Japan. 

In episode 04, the Cosmo Sport has been stripped of its paint (and sadly, most of its racing stickers). It’s taken to a media blasting shop to prep it for metalwork, where it’s blasted with dry ice to remove the undercoating.

The fifth episode begins at the metal crafters, where the Cosmo Sport’s floorpan, frame rails, and basically the entire lower third of the body has been replaced with fresh sheetmetal. We wish they had shown more of the fabrication, but we do see the metalsmiths make a rear shelf from scratch.

Meanwhile, co-host Cyndie Allemann gets to do the fun stuff — jet off to Japan and drive around in an ND to visit legendary Mazda tuning house RE Amemiya. There, she finds a single headlight cover.

Episode 07 continues with Cyndie’s adventures in Japan. Searching for more parts, she heads to classic car shop Spirit Garage. And that is how an AE86, Fairlady Roadster, and S130 Z slammed on Advan 3-spokes (among others) appear in a Mazda marketing video. Turning up empty, however, Cyndie then heads to Cosmo Sport specialist Garage Star Field.

Episode 08 continues at Garage Star Field, where owner Senji Hoshino uncovers a master cylinder and some original houndstooth upholstery. Seems like a long way to go for three parts. Meanwhile, back in Germany the Cosmo Sport receives even more metalwork, with the top edge of the rear bulkhead and entire door panels made from fresh steel.

Will they find the elusive matching headlight cover? While it’s not quite a Breaking Bad level cliffhanger, we sincerely look forward to the next installment.

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4 Responses to VIDEO: It’s hard finding Cosmo Sport parts in Japan

  1. SHC says:

    This is a great series on the restoration. I have to say Japan auto makers have failed to anticipate the demand for parts for their early manufactured cars in general. There are the “specialty” shops here and there, but no dedicated vintage/classic factory support especially for early 60’s models.

  2. Iwakuni91 says:

    This is literally like, “Hey, you got anything for a Cosmo?” “Let me check overe here. No, erh uh, maybe there is something overe there.”
    And how is ol’girl gonna hop off the plane instantly mastering driving a right hand car and driving in a right hand country (in Tokyo no less), and still trying to figure out words like konichiwa and arigato? Mazda marketing indeed.

    • j_tso says:

      Of course the Japanese lesson was scripted.
      She has raced half a season of Super GT so I’d think “arigato” would have been covered.

  3. azmat rehmat says:

    So. where can we find cosmo sport parts?

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