VIDEO: Electric Federal does the Datsun 240Z

Electric Federal Datsun 240Z

Electric Federal has done some great videos of the Toyota Celica and Honda CB350, but in the latest video they turn their attention to the quintessential sports car that defined a generation: The Datsun 240Z. And the owner is none other than our friend John Williams, who does an superb job of eloquently explaining why the Z is such an icon. 

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11 Responses to VIDEO: Electric Federal does the Datsun 240Z

  1. Dennis says:

    Nice video. I like the side marker lights – wonder what they’re from.

  2. Pete j Herrera says:

    Wow! Great car.
    It’s what he says about the car that makes this a great video.

  3. Speedgato says:

    Oh great! Now John will really be insufferable!!

    Beauty of a Z car, John. Great car, Great dude!!

  4. Dave says:

    My favorite line: “This (engine sound) is better than AC/DC.”

  5. Oracles says:


    Time to dig out my 240

  6. ioTus says:

    I can 100% relate on the stereo – I actually almost regret putting sound deadening and a bumping system in my FB – I find myself more interested in listening to the wide open tuned intake manifold and 3″ exhaust.

    Damn, I’m a hi-fi audiophile and I never thought I’d say something like that!

  7. Nissanfanboy says:

    A beautiful car, and a great explanation of the love of a car. What, may I ask, kind (size and type) of wheels are on there as well as the center caps and lug nuts (covers) ?


  8. mrbigtanker says:

    John is a F%$kin rock star,and for those of you that dont know him,he is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.Good for you John.

  9. John Williams says:

    Thanks for posting the video. Ben & Dan You guys are the best. JNC Rocks!!!!!

    Dennis, Side marker lights are off of a boat of all things. I made the billet housings for them.

    Fanboy, The wheels are Pannasports 15X7, Lugs and center caps one off’s made by me.
    Plasti dip in black..

    And Speedgato,& Mr Big, Thanks guys.

    Thanks for looking.

  10. Skellington says:

    Cool car. I made some center caps like those for one of my old beetles. I may have to make some more and throw them on my minilites.

  11. Steve Jones says:

    Beautiful car John! My favorite “chorus” of the L is when you tip back in the throttle above 4 grand, what a sound! You just don’t get that in modern injected motors.

    Thank you guys for making the vid and to John for keeping another Z alive.

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