VIDEO: Drifting Hakone in 1992

Drift Hakone 1992 S30 Z

Imagine a winding touge packed with Japanese drift machines — Silvias, RX-7s, Supras, Fairlady Zs and AE86s. So. Many. AE86s. Last year we showed a video proving that underground drifting was already reaching fever pitch by the late 80s. By 1992, Hakone Pass — one of the birthplaces of touge driving and underground drifting — was a rush hour of sliding steel.

Drivers honed their drifting skills on the uphill, turned around, and lined up on the downhill to take another stab at sideways glory. If a car spun out, those waiting helpfully honked their horns to warn others coming ’round the corners. It was a makeshift society formed in the name of dorifto.

Source: VideoJapan

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6 Responses to VIDEO: Drifting Hakone in 1992

  1. Matthew says:

    I think that i was born in the wrong era! I was so happy to see some kp61 Starlets, a mk2 Lancer, some KE70 corollas among the others. Looks like there was a lot of fun then.

  2. yoloswagemperor says:

    this is better than all of the american staged sponsored corporate bullsh!t drift events combined.

  3. Parrot says:

    And yet in Australia currently the media are fixated on what are called “hoon drivers” at illegal street drags.

  4. Zuzechan says:

    Could listen to this audio all day. I really dig the organization. The honking when someone under/over steers. At first I thought it was sketchy to have inside lanes packed with drifters getting back to the start but it really encourages folks to stay focused. Drifting led me to Japan’s beautiful automotive heritage and now I get to enjoy authentic footage of those timeless machines get sideways in their natural habitat. The cycle continues…

  5. RdS says:

    The videos on that channel… wow… some absolute gold..!

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